Standing in the dark corner of the street

When I was in Bangalore, many of my friends used to tell me that in the darker hours of the night one can easily find a call-girl on M.G. Road or Brigade Road. I don’t know what’s the appropriate term here, call-girl, sex worker or prostitute. To me it’a all the same, however I do not want to use any derogatory term, so I would call them Paid-Lovers. So yeah, I used to be amused and excited & I do get tickled by the darker side of such theories. I tend to feel the pain one may go through, the paid-lover & the one who pays for love. Movies such as Pretty Woman glamorise it and movies such as Monster scar you. I am sure Monster is closer to reality.

I was watching a show on BBC, the paid-lovers admitted how they are traumatised and physically abused post sex. At times their clients do not care to pay. They are at risk all the time, physically for sure & emotional vacuum sucks them harder as well. It’s a tough life being a woman and much tougher when you get paid because you are a woman. Cities that were highlighted in the show were Bradford, Liverpool and Blackpool. In some cities, police do care to patrol in the darker hours and shoo away the men on the hunt & at the same time distribute condoms & food to the paid-lovers. Some women run brothel house and feels that it’s much safer to do business in closed rooms with cameras.

Men will not abuse them physically behind unknown doors. One paid-lover who I think was bold enough to get on camera, showed her broken fingers. Her client once refused to pay and her life was at risk. She managed to get help from her colleagues however she still works in the same profession. Some women are addicted to drugs so they end up being paid-lovers. One of them did admit that she couldn’t leave drugs may be due to a weak will power. She was brave and brutally honest to admit this though.

Another story that I read was about Kathryn Bolkovac who was sacked just because she revealed some dark dirty secrets of how sex trafficking is kicking hard in Bosnia that too with the involvement of her fellow officers! These officers belong to the prestigious United Nations. Men used to insert coins in the vagina of naked girls who danced to entertain them, these girls were as young as fifteen. UN, Seriously? Shocking does not even describe how I feel about this. Men forget when they are doing this to women; they are scaring them for rest of their lives. Women are not sex toys; they need to be appreciated in entirety not just for the ‘holes’ on their bodies. We have much more to offer.

Well, then you do have women who wouldn’t mind being escorts for that extra money. Here, I will use the word Escort because the lady in question did like her job and was not forced in to it. Though she ‘was’ addicted to it for the sheer reason of money she earned. Today, she is a teacher and in a healthy happy relationship however she did admit she may go back to being an Escort if she felt the urge or need for more money. She said her journey was good, she got good money, understood men at a deeper level, has no regrets and that’s the reason why she is happy with her current lover. Most of her men came back to her only because they wanted to talk to her, they wanted to show her their weaker side, and some actually wanted something more at physical level too. All in all, she did not get hurt physically, however it was emotionally challenging.

I do understand and notice that everyone has a different kind of experience in being a paid-lover or escort. At the end of the day, it’s your life & your sex-life. It’s up to you what you want to do with it, how you want to do it. However, is it really worth it? Is it worth standing in the dark corner of the street and get picked up only to receive your fee when it’s thrown in your face?

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Chintan Gupta

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