Stanford Business School

Stanford business school ensures that every student who has been a part of their institution comes out as a leader. The students are prepared within their walls so that they can boldly face the challenges of the business world and also make a mark of their own. Stanford business school is located in Stanford, California and is also known as Stanford Graduate school of Business or Stanford GSB. This school was set up as early as in 1925 and proudly holds a faculty where there are three noble prize winners, two professors who have received the John Bates Clark Award, around 15 teachers from the American Academy of Arts and Science and a couple of them from the National Academy of Sciences. The professors at Stanford Business School are active members of various research organizations who are continuously working at improving and understanding the business structure more so that the students studying in their school are up to date with the out side world.

The Stanford business school offers a generalized MBA (Master of Business Administration) and does not have specialized courses such as marketing, finance, human resource, it management etc. Stanford Business School has been in the top 5 rankings for years now as rated by various evaluation agencies such as Forbes, Financial Times etc.

Stanford business school is highly recognized as it offers some of its course jointly with the Stanford University for courses such as Engineering, Earth Sciences, Education, Medicine and Law. Stanford business school is highly selective about the students enrolling in their college and ensures that only the capable students who are enthusiastic to be leaders on their own accord get a seat in their college. Stanford business school has a record of the lowest acceptance rate in the US and reserves around 360 seats per year.

We also have schools which run on the same grounds as the Stanford business school such as Harvard business school, Columbia business school, Wharton business school, MIT business school UCLA business school etc which are some the best business schools in the world.