Start Of A Journey

Life is not a bed of roses they say,

but for sure I have to find my way.

The path I have chosen is an endless race,

and people are running at a faster pace.

They say change your route here you won’t succeed,

you will fall, you will bleed.

Moreover you’re a girl, the field is not for you

all I say, I have faith in my dreams and my faith is true.


They throw tantrums, they try to break my spine,

but I stand tall because I have promised to shine.

They asked me to quit saying prevention is better than cure,

but if my success is not certain even my failure is not sure.

The journey I have started would be tough I know;

but the seed is sown and tree has to grow.

I would never quit because I don’t want to regret later,

that I lost a chance to make my life little better.


So what if it is an endless race,

So what if people are running with a faster pace,

So what if there are hurdles to face,

I have a dream and it will be chased,

By my will and His grace.


Saumya Agrawal

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