Starved Or Crazed?

bollywood.jpgWhat is it about the Stars of Bollywood that they have been given the status of demi-gods? They are surreal personalities who emote various emotions on screen and the public swoons to their romances and melodrama, a regular feature characterizing our Indian movies.

Mumbai, the city where dreams are realized and broken, is considered the dream city for Bollywood aficionados where they see their Dream girls and their men in shining armour.

This makes one wonder – what is it that makes the common man love these personalities with such unbelievable passion? Are they celebrity starved or celebrity crazed? We would be justified on the account of starved because Bollywood celebs are larger-than-life characters that exist only on celluloid. Since they are not perceived to be normal human beings who experience the same plethora of emotions as any normal person sitting in the theatre watching them, in another world, as just a passing dream, they are looked upto as deities (some with even temples to their name). There is a very thin line between being Star starved or star crazed. There are regular news features and competitions about who is the greatest, craziest fan of so and so. The problem creeps in when the common people look upon these celebrities as perfection personified without any conceivable mortal fault that could be attributed to their persona. Thus, they could easily fall prey to misdeeds and justify it because their role-models have done it. Besides, a minor scuffles and incidents are blown up into inconcievable proportions with pages of wasted paper bent on their criminalization, ticking the mob mentality to extreme reactions. True, some charges against the actors are justified and punishment should be meted out to them, but that does not give anyone the right to deride them when the opportunity presents itself. We still don’t realize that the Stars have a private life which should be respected and not probed into to fill in meaningless pages of gossip. Right from MMS scandals, to road rage deaths to drunken driving, substance abuse and sting ops, it’s been a rough ride and irked the public at large.So, whether we are celebrity starved or celebrity crazed loses its distinction as long as we ape their lifestyles and trends and continually look upon them as our role models, to whom we look for guidance to define what is right and what is wrong and thus have them influence our choices and individualities. Charulata Somal

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