State Fights For A Pollution-Free City In Pilot Project

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We dread stepping out of our houses every day – our roads are a confusing mess of traffic, chaos and noise, and the air we breathe is noxious. We have to tussle our way through this intricately-designed labyrinth of madness, before we reach our destinations. This is an everyday struggle that all of partake in, reluctantly. As a commuter, my only respite is the Delhi Metro.

The government’s decision to implement the odd-even rule in the city was a brave and laudable move. It did make shuttling somewhat difficult for many, but the bigger picture was substantial. Delhi’s pollution level fell noticeably, and the roads were a lot less disorderly. After its successful run, the AAP-government is set to bring in its second phase too.


Before that, however, the state government flagged off another commendable project to improve the air quality. Delhi transport minister Gopal Rai introduced the country’s first electric bus on March 10.

Speaking to the media, Rai said, “It is the first such bus in India which is 100 per cent pollution free and operates completely on electricity. It is a pilot project. The bus will run on trial basis for six months in Delhi”.

According to a Zee News report, the bus will take 10 round trips between Delhi Secretariat and Central Secretariat every day. The project will last six months and based on an assessment, the government will decide its success or failure. The kind of reception it receives, will decide if more such buses are to be added to a “fleet”. The bus was flagged off from the Delhi Secretariat.

The electric bus that takes four hours to charge completely and has a range of 280km, will have a minimum fare of Rs 10 and it will run between 6.30am and 9.20pm, reports The Statesman. It has a seating capacity for 31 people.

The Delhi government, as it appears, is hell-bent on curbing pollution in the city. Whether successful or not, the electric bus is a novel initiative. If more such buses are added to the roads, it will not only transform public transport in the city, but also bring down pollution levels significantly. We hope the buses make a difference; make travelling easy and the approaching months see more such electricity-run buses.

The government, however, must keep in mind that extra vehicles will add on to the already-chaotic traffic situation and there will be more snarls. If the electric bus is received well and more such buses take on Delhi roads, the existing fleet of diesel and petrol-run buses must be taken off.

Prerna Mittra

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