Speaking pleasing words,
The silence didn’t stay..

Singing useless songs,
The Music didn’t stay..

Loving not love but lust,
The love didn’t stay..

Striking wrong chords,
The guitar didn’t stay..

Wanting to be perfect,
The child didn’t stay..

Going for schools,
The education didn’t stay..

Singing to the society,
The musicians didn’t stay..

Watching lifeless arts,
The painters didn’t stay..

Building machines for others,
The engineering mind didn’t stay..

Throwing all the colors,
Embracing lifeless wonders,
The canvas didn’t stay..

Thinking about images,
The mind didn’t stay..

Plucking the beauty,
The flowers didn’t stay..

Attending parties,
Friends didn’t stay..

Caring about worship and rituals,
God didn’t stay..

Living for and in others,
Life didn’t stay..

They came back,
They all did,
Love and music and life,
They believed,
I too will not stay,

So I joined them on the outskirts,
At the entrance to a life,
Lived and will be lived,
The gates are there,
The fog isn’t,
So I see,
Wish you too,
Till then you see,
Things not staying anymore,

And those which will,
Not all worth it are they?

Mayank Sharma