Staying Connected!

So vast has been the scope and impact of technology, that man powered by his streak of ingenuity now thinks the unthinkable, beats the unbeatable. So what exactly is technology? Is it mere human innovation that helps to develop systems to encounter the impossible or extension of the creative splash that helps to satiate the need of the hour? Well the quest for knowledge of technology is way beyond this, it is ceaseless.

How often have we gotten things done simply by a click of mouse, a touch on our laptop’s touch pad, a dial of numbers on the phone, an urgent video conference? This happens every day, every hour to be precise in the corporate world. So much so that it is not easy imagining doing the daily undertakings without ‘something’ that has taken the world afar. That ‘something’ in mere words is technology, which has brought the ends of the world together.

In today’s world that is juggling with technology, cell phones have become an indispensable part of everybody’s life. It has gained popularity in terms of usage and as an accessory/style statement amongst people of all ages. With the advent of cell phones, the communication with far ends of the world has become feasible; in short it has brought the ends of the world together. The facilities and features provided by cell phones are innumerous. They can not only be used for communication, but also for SMS (Short Message Service), MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service ), storing phone book details, accessing internet, so much so that the Blackberry can be used as a mini-computer itself! In the corporate world, group discussions and conference calls have become an easy aspect/feature. Now-a-days, the size of memory chip in cell phone is in Gigabytes (GB), which helps to include huge amount of data in the form of presentations, word documents, jpeg picture formats and many more. For all the music lovers, you can leave your MP3 players behind and jump on to the bandwagon to have an ‘all-in-one gizmo’ by purchasing the walkman series!

Surprisingly, even the crime detection squad has started using this facet of technology to track down crimes. The law abided by the mobile phone service companies provides a great deal of aid in tuning cell phones and SIM cards to detect forensic evidences if any. Even in case of natural calamities all you have to do is dial the emergency number to avert the disastrous situation by promptly calling for help.

Well the pros are countless, but as we know that everything adroit is interspersed with maladroit elements and so is the mobile phone technology, so much so, that the mobile advertisement industries are spending millions of rupees to grab the attention of the public. The gizmos are becoming exceedingly expensive day by day as the technology is advancing. Everyone is so hooked to the usage of phones that life without it is unimaginable. Exposure to the high radio frequency causes damage to the tissues, which also interferes with the cardiac pacemaker. Neurological effects like brain tumour are also being discovered. Even the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) is being discovered, which is a measure of the maximum rate at which radio frequency (RF) energy is absorbed by the body when exposed to radio-frequency electromagnetic field. Lesser the SAR, lesser would be the hazardous effect on human health. In spite, of the shortcomings about 83% of the world population is addicted to this classy gizmo and about 200 million cells with varied features are being manufactured each year.

The pros and cons are paradoxical, in the end of it all, it’s ‘we’ who decide where we choose to get/go. As far as the complex human mind goes, it will continue to think the unbeatable, and dream the indomitable… As Aristotle puts its across: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. Cell phone technology is one of them! I can’t say about others, but each time my cell chimes and the call is from a far away acquaintance, my heart still leaps out to grab the phone and hear a distant ‘hello’ …

Sumedha Sobti

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