Step Aboard

Time to bid goodbye to the school days, and step into the most awaited, the most amazing phase of one’s life! Late night talks, messaging in the classroom, xeroxed notes, crushes and dating, midnight coffee, jokes in canteen, Mass bunking, attendance shortage, giggles and laughter, roadside chai, funky t-shirts and hairstyles, clashes between friends, Freshers’ party, Friday movies, cute photographs, and friends for a lifetime! That is exactly what College Life is about.

I still remember my first day in college. As I walked along the college street, there were unusual fears haunting my mind. “I am going to a place where everyone is a stranger to me”, “Will it be easy for me to adjust with people and make friends?” “Is my room-mate going to be a cheesy, cold snob, or will she be an angel?” Deeply lost in these thoughts, I reached closer to the college building. I perceived a group of seniors chilling near the chai stall, or the sutta-point as they had named it. I saw them staring at me with those inquisitive eyes, which increased the awkwardness which I already had been feeling.

Every fresher, indeed, goes through a period of distress caused due to these factors. However, we forget the fact that others are new to this place as well, and a stranger for everyone else. A little enthusiasm towards interaction can be helpful in making new friends. According to me, it is best to be confident, and introduce yourself to your classmates on the day of the Orientation itself. Atleast for the first few days, it is wise not to stick to a single group, but spend time knowing other classmates as well. If initially your friends aren’t the ones who are after your own heart, and you are comfortable with, look for new ones. For most of the hostellers, roommates turn out to be their best friends! But if your roomie turns out to be an unfriendly, nasty creature, and it is difficult for you to make adjustments, then it is advisable for you to get your room changed.

One thing, which every student fears, but desires equally, just before beginning his college days is Ragging or ‘Interaction’ as it is commonly known. Almost every educational institution has strictly banned ragging, and the Supreme Court too has described it a criminal offence, due to increasing number of instances of physical injuries and psychological traumas caused due to it. But the reality is that ragging, in some form or the other does exist! “It acts as an ice-breaking session and is the first step towards friendship with the seniors.” say most of the seniors when asked about their opinion towards ragging. This is true to an extent where one knows where to draw a line, and a person’s dignity doesn’t get affected. I remember how scared I was when seniors called me for the interaction session. Honestly speaking, I felt like telling them all to kindly get lost. But I patiently answered whatever I was being asked, and after a while, I did start enjoying it! I knew that it was once in a lifetime experience, and it was solely upto me, whether I wanted to like it or feel disgusted. Well, I chose to like it, and within no time I actually made friends with the seniors!

College, no doubt, is the best stage of one’s life. It is a period of unlimited enjoyment and delight. If the naughty, devilish kid in you did not surface in school, make sure it does in college days, and you live life to the fullest! Most of the people, including me, closely associate the Bryan Adams song ‘Summer of 69’ with the memories of the college days. I would personally say those were the best days of my life!

Kanika Bedi

[Image by Rayman Gill]