Steve Jobs: Truly the “Apple” of Our Eye

The first apple was the one that seduced Eve and gave rise to the “first sin” and since then mankind has been deemed imperfect. This was the Apple of Seduction.

The apple that fell on Newton’s head brought forth discovery of GRAVITY. Thereby leading to the numerous theories and conclusions, based on which life on earth runs. This was the Apple of Knowledge.

Alan Turing, the Father of modern-day computing and Artificial Intelligence was dead after eating a half-bitten apple injected with cyanide. This Apple Killed the Computing legend.

Then came the “BY(I)TE INTO THE APPLE” which made the world “Think Different”. The A for APPLE which meant to us, a pomaceous fruit when we were in the elementary level of our education would probably not mean the same to the future generations. The “alphabet lesson” they would learn would probably be” A for Apple… I for iPhone…. S for Steve Jobs… “This is the APPLE OF THE FUTURE, the APPLE, which is and will be driving the world technologically.

Born in San Francisco and adopted by Paul and Clara Jobs, Steve Jobs learnt rudimentary electronics from his father who worked as a machinist in a lasers company. There, grew up a child who would grow as the man whom the world was going to look up to. He later grew up attending HomeStead High School in Cupertino, California and enrolled at Reed College in Oregon, USA where he merely ’audited’ (just experienced the academic course but elected not to be awarded a grade!) courses and went on to develop the first ‘MAC (intosh)’ computers with his colleague Steve Wozniak in his parents’ garage which laid the base for stacks and stacks of innovations to follow.

HIs ever-brimming confidence was validated when he was sent ‘out’ of his own company but started a company of his own called “NeXT” and took over Pixar, which changed the way the element of Animation in Multimedia works. It was no sooner than this happened that Apple bought NeXT and Steve Jobs was back again to head his company. After this was the creation of THE DIGITAL RENAISSANCE, which brought to us the innovative iPhone, iPad and the entire pack of I products.

What started as a ‘garage-startup’ was turned into one of the most valued companies in the world. These and many more to come have changed and will literally change the way we live our lives everyday. This was the man who brought the virtual world under our fingertips. Numerous are the innovations and Apple products have become almost ubiquitous. Under Jobs, the stand of Apple in the industry had been unequalled.
In spite of having kept his personal life fiercely under wraps, he published this letter in August, which said, “If there ever came a day when I can no longer meet my duties I’ll be the first to let you know. Unfortunately the day has come…” He suffered from Pancreatic cancer and his body began to weaken. Though the body turned frail, there was the mind, which always believed in building something greater and greater every moment and that which would have never thought of “iQuit” . This was evident when he showed up for the launch of the iPad2 in spite of his “not-very-good” health conditions.

Some of his well remembered words were these:

“Remembering I’ll be Dead Soon is the most important tool that I had ever encountered to help me make the big choices of my Life. Because, almost everything,all pride,all external expectations,all fear of embarassment of failure would just fall away at the face of Death leaving only what is ‘Trully Important’.”

A salute to the man who revolutionized technology, gave the new interpretation of the Apple as the Fruit of the Future. R.I.P Steve Jobs. Deeply, ‘iMourn’.

Vidya Gopalakrishnan