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You had given me a blue silk stole

Last summer.


I still have it with me.

I tried being creative,

With the darned thing,

tying it like a turban

On my head.

It did not feel right.

I tried tagging it to my rucksack,

Like all those hippie girls.

It looked too tacky,

So I took it off.

I wore it around my neck,

Conventional, as it is,

And it looked out of place.


I used your gift

To hang myself

From the blue ceiling fan in my room

And nothing has felt better

Ever since.

Sneha A

Almost twenty. IIT-M. Not engineering. Humanities. Yes, it exists. Poetry/Ghazals. Books. Non-fiction > Fiction. Food. Cellphone. Bright colours. Bags. Kohl. Earrings. Bangles. Mood swings. Chick flicks. Kishore Kumar. COLA. Gossip.

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