Strong Opinions About — Tere Bin Laden

The world is finally bin (Hindi for without) Laden but this is no way the end of international terrorism. In fact within a few days after Osama’s death, Al Qaeda sent a message to the US that ‘Jihaad’ of their holy saint will never die. Osama’s principles were too strong to die with his death and Al Qaeda will continue to ruin America.

World’s most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden was killed at his luxury hideout in Abbottabad in Pakistan but certain things aren’t clear even today. The city is home to three Pakistani army regiments. In fact the mansion where Laden was gunned down was a stone’s throw from a military base. Did Pakistan shelter the terror mastermind? How could he live in that mansion for five years amidst a busy street so close to a military base? He might have taken disguise and a fake name, but nobody ever recognised him? Osama bin Laden could be considered as the world’s most controversial personality, when he was alive and even posthumous. There are so many controversies still there with his name.

US officials confirmed that they returned to Afghanistan with Laden’s corpse and later he was buried at sea. According to Islamic tradition, burial should be within 24 hours of death, but no country was willing to give even an inch of its land to bury the world’s most hated man. His life was a flashpoint of contention, and after death too, controversies don’t seem to end. According to Islamic custom, the body is buried after a holy bath and the body positioned with its face turned to the right, towards Mecca. Muslims round the world have raised the question whether Laden’s body was buried at sea at the USS Carl Vinson following the rules of Islam.

With Osama’s death, US immediately increased vigilance as New York could be victim to another mishap any hour. The world hasn’t yet forgotten Osama’s plot of the WTC attack. We all still remember the brutal mishap in which thousands of innocent people had lost their lives. The mastermind Osama remained in hideout for long ten years after that. Any news on Osama bin Laden always used to remind me of the Leonardo Di Caprio movie ‘Catch me if you can’. This man made the Bush Government go helter-skelter once.

Osama bin Laden has been killed but his memory seems to remain and haunt the world for decades to come. After almost ten years after the twin towers collapsed, the mastermind was finally killed by the US troops. One letter of the English alphabet differentiates the winner and the loser of this ten year old battle, but the world has seen more than all of this. And we know that the flames of revenge can spark any moment and Osama will continue to live in millions of hearts craving for ‘jihaad’ for decades to come. Caution White House! There can be another Osama, there can be another 9/11 because devils don’t die into five elements of nature.

Aryani Banerjee