Stumbling Block

India as a country has no doubt made its mark on the world by being one of the stepping stone of success; but this is just one side of the coin. India today implies for I.T. and illiteracy. It’s ironic how both terms are used together. Being a part of the Indian educational system had helped many students achieve their dreams and as said by many learned people,’ it has one of the best educational practices in the world’.

Whilst most of us live in this perspective, when we look at the bigger picture, the reality is evidently visible. For I see India’s education system as a stumbling block towards its objectives of achieving inclusive growth. Only schools with top performance are highlighted in the news papers and television, leaving the darker side untouched and unnoticed.

I wouldn’t emphasize on the drawbacks of India’s educational system as it has been an issue well debated over the past and the main flaws have already been pointed out. There are many loopholes in the system. The teachers are more interested in teaching in their private tuitions than in the classroom, but as known, in India not many can afford private tuition hence making only a selected group of students ‘eligible’ for inculcating

The important element to focus here is the system’s failure is leading to another major issues like income inequality i.e.the rich are becoming richer and poor are becoming poorer. One of the major aspects of Indian public education system is its low quality. The quantity of schooling that children experience and the quality of teaching they receive are extremely insufficient.

Hence, it is imperative for the government to correct the blemishes in India’s education system which will also be a step towards reducing income inequality. As a part of our educational system every student should be obligated to bring the drawbacks in the limelight so that we can remove the demons in the system.

Utsav Ghosh