Stung By Sexism And Stereotypes, But Not Just Women


Our society is patriarchal to say the least. We have patriarchal ideologies that enforce the idea of men being the superlative gender, while all other genders can go take the position that is beneath them. A patriarchal social system can be defined as a system where men are in authority over women, and the newly recognised yet always in existence third gender, in all aspects of society. They form the crème of our society and are always adhered to first than everyone else in comparison.

However, we hear constant stories of women who faced or are facing atrocities; we always talk of how women are domesticated and beaten up and how they are prone to depression and we also always hear about how there is sexism that is exclusively fired towards them. Of late, we are also quite vocal about the prejudices faced by the third gender and how people are bullying them and what should be done to make them feel more inclusive in the society. But, are we not forgetting to talk about the victims of the most prestigious class? In all the scenarios, why are we reluctant to talk about men facing the aforesaid monstrosity?

Recently, Kit Harrington, our very own brooding Jon Snow, blew the cover of sexual objectification that is angled towards the male. He unearthed the tabooed discussion on how men also face sexism, and its not exclusively for women. Obviously, no person, regardless of gender, deserves to have his/her body objectified so as to attain much more fame or success. The question is, why do men not speak about it as much as the women do? They clearly feel the burn too, then why are they hesitant to voice out a concern that hampers them? Is the ‘apparent’ stronger sex not supposed to portray its weakness, like the people from other genders do or are they too chained by the holds of patriarchy?

Yes, there are people from the male gender that cry after reading any Nicholas Sparks book, there are men who are attuned to the idea of shopping, there are men who are sensitive and there are men who would rather talk about their feelings than sports. And that’s nothing but normal.

Rather, there are people like that with different personalities, and different interests and judging their personalities with the gender they possess, is just bizarre. Such clubbing of genders with human traits is atrocious, and frankly unwanted.

In a very progressive and one-of-a-kind act, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has come up with new regulations for colleges that will make it possible for male students to file complaints of sexual harassment. Accepting the occurrence of it and not living inn denial anymore about the atrocities faced by men, the step is laudable and highly progressive. For a country that doesn’t consider domestic violence targeted towards men, this is a breath of fresh air.

Yes, men do cry and yes, they are sensitive, but demeaning and bullying them just for the pretexts discussed above, and many that are not discussed, is just an ugly facet of humanity.

Yugansha Malhotra

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The Viewspaper