Suicide Note #14

This is a suicide letter and I hope by the end of it you the reader would respect the word. I am on my desk writing this not to make you laugh, but to tell you how and when my life will end. Death has always intrigued me and to have the power to take life has fascinated me more than anything else.

My first victim was, Ms. Jaz Brown, whom I ripped apart with the scalpel, I stole from my father. She was 20, and I was 18 then, and it had given me immense pleasure, to see her heart pumping in my hand. I knew from that day that death would be my sole mate. I am now 40 and well off, I have lived in this society with a life that’s no one have seen, a face so dark and pale and desperate to take life, that it has started scaring me. I have a wife and a daughter, and it’s for them that I am being haunted by myself. I have decided to take life for the one last time, at the stroke of midnight on 14th May- Tomorrow. I have ended so many lives and all have given me the adventure I longed for, and this will be the same, I am sure.

“Who knows but life be that which men call death,

And death what men call life?”

Yours Sincerely

Mr. Wargrave

Mainak Sen