Suicide Note #4

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I’m not depressed because of the cruel world, It’s not drug abuse, there are no terrible incidents in my past that I cant live with, nor is it a heart wrenching break up. Ordinarily even, though I don’t get as much sex as i’d normally want and being effing celebite and chaste for months on end are not a pleasing sensation in the nether regions, yet even that is not enough to prompt my taking my life.

Infact, I just did it because i wanted to see the colour of my soul….so…let no one be blamed….uh…although incase this gets some one into trouble I’ll venture my brother, the next door fat aunty who screeches at two in the morning while having an orgasm and Brad Pitt who should be sent to the electric chair for his crime of being so frigging hot causing a little dispair (hopefully he’ll end up in hell too and we can get it on!)….So hoping there is justice in the world….please God…atleast abt Brad Friggin Pitt!!!