Suicide: The Silent Killer

SuicideIt is yet to know that in what conditions did the ex-CM of Arunachal Pradesh decide to end his life unnaturally. But it is talked that the reason behind his suicide was Depression. If really it was the main reason behind his step then it is a topic to be thought upon that after running through many stages of his struggle for the Society and the Politics a person is broken up to what extent that he sees suicide as the final solution. Also, his suicide is one of the events happening around. But his suicide is also a discussed topic because he is now known as the ex-CM of the state. More importantly, after the conflict in the state-congress, he got the chance become the CM with BJP’s support. A sudden transition between the two extremities in the politics is not a new subject. He had to leave the chair last month after the SC verdict.

It’s possible that these ups and downs may have affected his mental situation and he has fallen to depression. Usually, a person goes to a common negativity of thought after a failure before falling to depression. This is the point when the people surrounding him will have to recognise the mental state. But in our society, as we are accustomed of taking these ups and downs in the general behaviour as usual. However, if the reasons and the situations behind such conditions of initial ups and downs are analysed carefully, conditions may be stopped from worsening. But many times these flip-flops in the behaviour of people struggling with deep problems are taken as normal and the negativity gets a chance to convert into depression, which directly affect the mental health of the person in a very bad way.

Suicide Inline

Incidents of suicide have increased rapidly due to ill mental states caused by the problems and complexity of modern lifestyle. About nine months ago on the eve of World Mental Health Day doctors told that more than 90% incidents of suicide are results of different kinds of depression. In our society from home to workplace at all the places from relations to that mental state of hope desire and expectations, the kind of collision and fights are present, anyone can be a prey of such situations. In metropolitans from youthful teens to film celebrities living in the world of brightness incidents of their suicides are coming in the news. However, there are many people in the society who fight against the problems even in a drastically adverse situation. Although it is a fact that these days suicide is a vast problem in front of us. It is required that there should be some change in the way of looking into the matter of personal and general relations in the society. If such changes come to the normal behaviour and thought of the society then maybe we can save many people from committing suicide.

Jyotish Chandra Mishra

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