For engineering students it becomes mandatory to pursue an internship in summers. The purpose of taking up an internship is to bring in a practical understanding of the theory you learn in classroom. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for a student to understand the implications of all the concepts that he/she learns in class. In order to perfect the concept one has to experience the practical applications. This is where internships come in.

The variety of internships available for engineering students is as vast as the kinds of engineering itself. The students pursuing computer science engineering can find an internship in a software company. There are various IT companies, too, that hire interns who are doing engineering in computer science, electronics and telecommunications, or IT.

There are internships available for student doing their internship in mechanical engineering too. Also, the student has the option of choosing where he/she wants to work, the office or the factory. The exposure that you get in a factory is very different from the exposure you get in an office environment. The student should try and figure out what experience would help him/her more in future.

There are some colleges which arrange for summer internships for their students. Many a times, these internships are not restricted to the city the college is situated in. Students should try to work out what is best for them. There is always something you have to compromise on. It is either the city you get the internship in or the kind of internship you get to do while living in your home town.

It is, therefore, advisable that the student makes a list of what his/her priorities are. Knowing exactly what kind of internship one is looking for also helps.