Internship forms a very important part of the curricula of any management course. An internship is an effective way of turning theoretical knowledge into a practical understanding of the nuances of one’s field. It, therefore, becomes imperative for all MBAs to work out possible internships sooner than later.

Internships aim at giving an intern the ground level knowledge of his/her field. This knowledge proves to be of crucial importance while addressing the concerns of various employees. The knowledge gathered here also reflects in the decisions one makes as a manager.

The kind of internship that one decides to pursue could vary, depending on one’s specialization. People pursuing masters in Human Resource management could look at pursuing an internship in the same area. The same goes for other areas of specialization too.

It is advisable to undertake an internship during the course, or before the course starts. This would give the intern an advantage over other students, and help you understand your discipline better. Usually MBA colleges arrange for summer internship for their students. If that is not the case, it would be a good idea to start looking for internships on Internet or talking to people you know and who may help you get an internship. With various companies relying on the internet to hire interns a thorough search on the internet might yield you the desired results.

In today’s world on-the-job experience is as important as a degree in order to succeed. An internship coupled with an MBA degree would increase your chances of getting a cushiony job multifold.