Summer in Delhi is harsh. The weather makes you want to sit at home in the comfort of an AC and catch up on your favourite movies. But, summer is also the time when you are absolutely free from the shackles from work related to academics. So, instead of wasting your days doing the bare minimum work while enjoying the maximum comforts it might be a good idea to take up an internship.

The benefits of taking up an internship are many. You not only do something constructive with all the free time that you have in hand, but you also take a step further in the direction of a bright and fruitful career.

If you are in college it is the perfect time to think of a possible career for yourself. Once you leave college you would have a better idea as to what kind of job you want if you take up a sufficient number of internships during your college. Many a times we do not know what kind of career we want. Even if the field is clear in our mind we are unable to pinpoint the department we want to work in. Internship helps you figure out all these various things.

There are many options that you could choose from. There are some really good media houses based in Delhi. There are various corporate houses that are headquartered in Delhi. One could even work with websites, university magazines, and publishing houses during the summer months. You always have to be on the lookout for new opportunities. Whenever you come across a new opportunity weigh the pros and cons before you take it up. Things including transportation need to be figured out. Delhi has a fine mesh of DTC buses and the metro is gradually extending to all parts of Delhi. After thinking through all these decide on the internship you want to pursue.