Summer internships are becoming increasingly popular in India. A large number of students are opting for internships, which give them on-the-job experience over doing short term courses in differing disciplines. The reason for this lies in the changing job scenario of our country. Earlier people wanted to gain theoretical knowledge on most disciplines. The concept of learning on-the-job did not exist. Now, the mindset of the people and the companies is undergoing a transformation. The importance given to internships is also steadily increasing. It is crucial to couple your theoretical knowledge with practical application of that knowledge.

Internships could be a way of exploring new frontier. It could be an opportunity to finally try out a career that one has always thought of, but never took the chance of pursuing. For a person who is not happy with his/her current career internship could be a good way of making the shift.  Internships are available across disciplines. So, one has the option to choose from a wide variety of internships available.

Within one field there are various departments to choose from. One could choose to intern as a content writer with a website, or become an editor. Within content writing too there are choices. One could choose to write on a specific area, such as politics or science and technology depending on one’s comfort level. In advertising industry one could work as a copywriter or in the client services division.

All one needs to do is decide what kind of internship one wants to pursue. There is an opportunity galore outside and one has to be alert in order to seize these opportunities.