Superficiality is the Order of the Day!

Suprificiality“Oh-ma GOD, you look so wonderful!!!”“Oh-ma Ga-ud, that’s so GHETTO!!!”

“Beauty is not so important in today’s world”. Yet, I prefer to look like a Miss Universe pageant winner, even while going to bed. “I love your dress it’s so FETCH!!!”(Hush….What a crappy outfit!!!)

Manipulation and diplomacy are the order of the day. You’ve got to be hot, sensual and stunning, or at least minimally cool! Using swear words is considered to be ‘hip’ and cool. Simplicity is looked upon with disgrace. It’s a plastic world out there. You’ve got to be mean, lean and laced with a golden sheen. You’ve got to have it all, or even if you don’t, you have to make it seem that way. There’s absolutely no place for underdogs.

Under the glimmer and shine, lies an entire ugly world. Page-3 politics seems to be taking over everywhere. Everyone wants to impersonate everyone else. They all want to showcase themselves as liberal, broad-minded individuals with a modern outlook.

The preference for a live-in relationship to a marriage may seem very ultra-modern and liberal, but there lies a different side to it. People are trying to run away from reality. Long term relationships pose a threat of exposure. People are scared that their true nature might be revealed, eventually, and that the sheen will be wiped-off, giving way to a much more miniature frame, hidden behind their picture-perfect disguise. They are afraid that their weak sides will be revealed.

It is so paradoxical that even though everyone is aware of the plastic world around them, they still try to disguise their true nature by putting on plush faces. It is surprising how much money, energy and time is wasted in the futile exercise of trying to cover up something that is already apparent.

Even social service has lost its benevolent overtone. It is no more about humanity or feeling deeply for a cause. Instead, it has become more of a ‘fad’. It has come to be associated with a brand value and of earning goodwill. Gone are the days when people helped others purely out of kindness. In today’s world, people are more concerned with letting the rest of the world know about their generous nature. Modesty is a thing of the past. Words like generosity, charity, benevolence and humility have clearly acquired a materialistic connotation. Even the word ‘honesty’ has taken on a different meaning. It has become conditional, whereby people are honest only if they stand to profit by it.

Clearly, people have become obsessed with trying to impress others. Everybody wants to be the best. This social strain is crushing people under its weight. Therefore, the rise in depression cases should come as no surprise. However, what still remains an enigma is the question of why people are falling prey to this politicization. Why are we trying to camouflage our identities?

Each one of us wants to live a simple and a happy life. Yet, we are entangling ourselves in this web of lies and fabrications. Why are we giving in to this superficiality? Don’t we realize that we are ultimately deceiving ourselves? Instead of faking it all, we need to give a comprehensive meaning to our lives. We need to redefine our priorities, bringing in some authenticity to our lives. If we do not take a stand, we will be swept away by the tide.

The clock is ticking and the leaping waves are coming closer and closer, ready to drown us in the unfathomable ocean of deception, deceit and concealment. We’ve got swim away before its too late…..

Sukanya Garg