Superhero Films Soar


Although superhero movies have always been popular, of late these movies are all people can think about!

In India the youth is going nuts with the fact that The Wolverine and Ironman 3 are about to hit the cinemas soon. This year’s comic con was full of superhero fans and comic book lovers. Comic t-shirts and other merchandise is the “in” thing for many. Even with people swooning over the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, the love for comic book heroes has shot up.

Characters like Superman, Spiderman, Batman and others have always been popular with children and even parents due to their films or series. Costumes, dialogues, and action figures were always on demand. These superheroes had several versions of films and animated series on them. Children have been dressing up like their favorite hero on Halloween or fancy dress parties for decades.

The X-men series changed the whole atmosphere of superheroes. These weren’t heroes, these were mutants. With the first film releasing in the year 2000, children have been fans of Wolverine, Magneto, and many other characters from the series. Hugh Jackman is one of the most loved actors in the films. Now soon a film is about to release on the life of the Wolverine and there’s no doubt that theaters will be swarming with young people.

Another series that changed the stereotype was the Batman series brought to us by Christopher Nolan. The talented director gave us the high-tech and improved Batman with the most dangerous and frightening villains. Christian Bale has become the new superhero of the films based on the DC Comics.

The Spiderman films were widely accepted and popular with children all over the world. The Marvel superhero was at one point of time a rage. Recently The Amazing Spiderman was released, giving the audience the new face of Spiderman. This film was either loved or hated by the audience, but it did give us a whole new batch of graphic effects and more powerful characters.

There were some films that did not catch on and was disliked by many. Examples are Daredevil, Green Lantern and Captain America. These films might have been on popular superhero films, but did not become as popular as the comics. Unlike the other superhero films, these films disappointed many.

Marvel comics superheroes have always been locking horns with the DC heroes. Then the directors gave us many treats, giving Marvel the edge. First they came up with the Fantastic Four, a team of superheroes with problems cocooning their personal and professional lives. Then  the Hulk films, Ironman series, and Thor blew the theaters up, figuratively. Robert Downey Jr. is considered one of the best heroes from Marvel, he plays the narcissist, rich Ironman who does not hide his identity. Bringing a Norse god like Thor also mesmerized the audience.

Then bringing them all together The Avengers was a delight for the masses. The actors and the merchandise were immediately the talk of the town. Especially in India, theaters had the movie running for months, with people watching it more than once with their friends and family. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, and Mark Ruffalo were praised the most for their performances. The new faces and the combined powers of the character took the movie to a level never experienced before. The only film series that gives this movie a run for the money is the Batman trilogy.

Indian superhero films like Krrish and Zokkomon may be good attempts but they fail to impress the masses. Hence, the American superhero films make up for the hero-deficiency in this country. People are crazy about the popular Marvel and DC superheroes and super-villains.

With the recent success of The Dark Knight Rises, fans are curious about the upcoming films that will feature Marvel characters. Ironman 3 and The Wolverine will oppose the DC success in the fun battle between the comic superheroes.

Which one do you support?

Ambika Chauhan

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