Sushil Kumar Patial Writes a Letter to the Prime Minister

The Hon. Dr. Manmohan Singh

Prime Minister of India

Parliament House

New Delhi

December 02, 2012

Re: Action Needed To Improve Educational System in India

Dear Prime Minister,

I would like to bring to your kind notice that there are some countries which offer free education. The few names are; Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany.

Greece and Argentina also provide free education at all levels, including college and university. Even in Sri Lanka, free education is provided by the government at different levels.  If these countries can offer free education to their citizens then why can’t India take steps to make it free?

Dear Prime minister, as you know that the greater part of India lives in its villages where education is just a formality. Thousands of graduates come out our colleges from rural areas but due to lack of quality education they are not worthy to earn their livelihood.
Earlier there was time when a matriculate person was considered a well-educated personal in the society. But these days the situation is completely different.  These days a graduate is just known as unemployed who finally becomes criminal.

I remember the day when I was in school. Our teachers always taught us to be honest, hardworking, and working for mankind even if you are not getting anything out of it, but these days the meaning of education has completely changed. We are just giving education to our children to make them literate, but are not educating them. We have forgotten to teach the values and ethics of our Indian culture in our schools and are following western culture blindly.

A system of compulsory education has already been implemented for all children up to the year of 14, but the truth can still be seen on the local food stalls (Dhabas) or on the roads where even small children are working to help their parents.

Are they going to schools? Who cares for them? Our leaders do not have time to see such cases, but they say they have made a tough law.  Will just making a law can eradicate such cases?

Drawbacks of the today’s educational system:

  • The major drawback of the prevailing system of education is that it is not easily affordable. Today in India more than 37% people are living below the poverty line. So they can’t afford education even at primary level.
  • The government schools have not been able to perform as expected and they don’t possess a good image among people.
  • The next option is the private institutions who give degrees from private to post graduate. But they are very costly an also the admission procedure is too complicated for common man to access.
  • People in some parts of the country are still conservative and apprehend modern system of education.
  • The privatization in all sectors is the major drawback.
  • There is a craze among people for some particular courses while some courses with equal opportunities are simply rejected. This has led to the business of coaching as there are more aspirants than seats available in some institutions and for some courses.

Following steps can be taken to improve the current education system and bring it in everyone’s reach:

  1. The government should take steps to increase the number of primary schools so that people of each village can get education easily.
  2. There should be more emphasis given on adult education as it is necessary to teach the parents and guardians first so that they become keen towards there ward’s education.
  3. The role of the private institutions should be made restricted and so that people don’t depend too much on them. In this way they will not be taking high amount of fees as they want.
  4. The condition of the government colleges and institution should be raised to a reasonable level.
  5. New curriculum should replace the old ones so as to provide latest knowledge to students.
  6. Education loans should be made available easily so that even poor students can afford high level of education.
  7. There should be strict laws regarding the cheating and coaching mafias.
  8. Also the system of education should be made free of corruption.
  9. Everyone should be given equal opportunity without discriminating on the basis of rich and poor or on the basis of gender.
  10. Free Education for all level should be free hence there are people in India who are still earning 3000 – 4000 per month and not able to bear the burden on their children’s education.

Yours Sincerely,

Sushil Kumar Patial

Image Courtesy: [The Viewspaper]

Disclaimer: The above article is the personal opinion of the author and not of the publication.