Swachch Bharat Bites Dust With Chikungunya Crisis


Dengue, Chikungunia both started off as a disease, but owing up to bad infrastructure and laxative civic authorities, shortage of doctors and of course, carelessness, they manifested themselves into an outbreak.

With the constant blabbering exchanged between the civic authorities, namely the three MCD headquarters and the state government, the people struggled at large. With almost all hospital beds full of patients suffering from the illness, and almost no fogging done initially, the population tumbled greatly under the impact of such illnesses.

Thus, caught between fabricating corporations and constant blabbering by our not-so-united authorities, lies a feverish patient; a patient waiting to be admitted amidst high fever, a patient hoping to be healed, and above all, a patient hoping to remain alive.

While enjoying a random evening walk on the road, I am yet to come across a single corner that is free of garbage and the consequent smell and sickness. Every person residing in the city would know that MCD has been failing in its duty since a long time, but it was only for the sudden outbreak of chikungunia that this came to general attention.

A random taxpayer is rewarded by the extreme garbage bags just flying around the roads, with many potholes on the roads which we have grown accustomed to since many years, with that stagnant pool of water no one pays attention to, with that one dustbin in whole locality filled up to its brim, and of course, with the group of flies just having a gala time. And let us not get started on the floods that consume us when we have our share of rain in the city.

According to Section 42 of Delhi Municipal Corporation Act 1957, “The obligatory functions of the municipal corporations are the construction, maintenance and cleansing of drains and drainage works and of public latrines, urinals and similar conveniences; scavenging, removal and disposal of filth, rubbish and other obnoxious or polluted matters; reclamation of unhealthy localities, the removal of noxious vegetation and generally the abatement of all nuisances; measures for preventing and checking the spread of dangerous diseases; lighting, watering, and cleansing of public streets and other public places.”

Such laws which constitute their framework are constantly swapped for money, and why not, we are a country which has made even a small kid corrupt. The worst thing to happen to a nation is corruption, and sadly for us, this concept has infiltrated our society with such ferociousness that it might take years to get rid of it.

MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) which comes under the control of our national presiding party which is BJP, has clearly failed to achieve and provide better environment to its citizens. Amidst acquiring power, making ghostly payments, indulging into corrupt activities, and obviously neglecting their duties by sleeping it off, MCD has achieved a ground-breaking record and a tarnished reputation.

This mosquito season in Delhi has inflicted a high number of casualties. In the last week of September, there were nearly 3,700 reported cases of chikungunya in the nation’s capital and another 1,700 cases of dengue.

While the BJP won many hearts when aiming to be a clean and green nation, complicit of clean roads and improved infrastructure, the recent outbreak of chikungunia and dengue in the heart of the country, clearly gives the clean task amiss. It’s just sad to see such adherence towards Swachch Bharat by none other than our government employees. They are definitely setting up great standards, aren’t they?

Whether it’s BJP or AAP, the blame entirely lies with these civic authorities who have failed to provide safety to its citizens and have failed to provide proper immunity that shouldn’t have collapsed in the first place.

Yugansha Malhotra

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The Viewspaper