Switzerland: A place that engulfs heaven

A land that describes the perfect cluster of nature’s beauty is Switzerland. Softness of leaves,  drops of rain, plunges of waterfalls, serenity of the towns, snowy peaks- everything about Switzerland calls to you. When people plan for a Switzerland tour, they are always inquisitive about shopping that especially includes the world famous Swiss chocolates, cheese, watches, wooden carvings, knives and cuckoo clocks.
Geographically, it is divided between the Alps, the Central Plateau and the Jura. The plateau encompasses two cities- Geneva and Zurich.

Almost two years ago, I visited Meiringen, Interlaken and Luzern/Lucerne- the breathtaking Swiss cities.  The perfect way to travel is by Swiss International Airlines which connects several destinations from its home hub Zurich. Zurich is fully integrated with railroad networks thereby providing its citizen and tourists significant facility. The intercity trains are connected directly to the airport and will connect you to many cities and towns.

My first visit was to Meiringen. A charming Swiss town, Meiringen is surrounded by snowcapped mountains and spectacular falls whose booming roar and spray of water on my face truly enchanted me. Another remarkable part was the Sherlock Holmes statue that sits contemplatively on a bench in a park, making Merinigen worth a visit. A museum dedicated to Sherlock Holmes is located in the basement of a quaint English church. Meiringen offers good skiing and snowboarding for adventure lovers. The best thing about these places is the roadside cafes. The combo of coffee, friends and the great weather makes everyday a perfect day.

While exploring the undying beauty of Meiringen, we ended up seeking  a way to Interlaken. Interlaken, as the name suggests is ensconced between two lakes- Thun and Brienz. The intercity trains along the hills could provide us glances of heights and falls that we were about to witness. Crystal clear lakes, eccentric streams and sparkling waterfalls caressed by the rays of the sun led our mouth to open and soon these awe-inspiring pictures were captured in our cameras. Shopping in Interlaken is best in terms of buying souvenirs, wood-carved decorative items and sports stuff.

Our next destination was Luzern. The city is rich in terms of bridges, a vast number of monuments, scenic cruises, churches and narrow city lanes. Since the city has number of bridges, one of the most famous is the Chapel Bridge. Inside the bridge, there are a number of paintings depicting Luzern’s history. The must visit place is Mount Titlis. It is breathtakingly beautiful mountain in Swiss Alps and is famous for world’s first revolving cable car. Ice flyers, snow rides and scenery was extra ordinary. Though it’s a small place, it was adequate for shopping for several items like souvenirs and memoirs (such as music boxes), clothing, chocolates, watches, antiques and cutlery.

Unlike the other places we travel, Switzerland’s simplicity of excursions is a lot more charming than walking through humongous malls. The best thing about Switzerland is that it is picture perfect and never makes your visit monotonous.  Trains were always on time, buses, streets and lakes remained clean. Warmth of Swiss people undoubtedly is unmatchable and hence adds up to the Swiss charm.

Manisha Adlakha

Image Source:[http://scrapetv.com/News/News%20Pages/Everyone%20Else/images-3/switzerland-village.jpg]