T.V. Times

Some say the times are good if choices are plenty. Well, one disagrees, at least when it comes to the innumerable TV channels. With more than 200 channels of all languages, religions, creed, color, gender, race etc., life should have been easy, with no dearth of 24×7 entertainment at one’s behest. But.. (But? yes a but!). Where is the entertainment? Well, already listed as one ‘endangered’ species, entertainment certainly has taken a backseat (or is shifted to the boot!).

Well, the definition of entertainment certainly has takes different hues to suit different tastes; but for the generation that grew watching Doordarshan (and DD metro in Delhi),the shows ,soaps and the latest kid on the block ‘reality shows’ probably look no more than a grotesque form of ‘entertainment’.

A flashback and one reminisces the good ol’ days. TVs would be black and White during those days in most of the households but entertainment would be full of colors. A young Chintu and his little sister Pinki would wait for the pleasant Sunday morning breathlessly. Sunday would come and so did their favourite program.
But entertainment wouldn’t be without its set of adventure. Reception then would be through a contraception called ‘antenna’(is that too an endangered species today!?), and at the sole mercy of the raven creature or a pigeon or a kite or the wind, basically everything. Crows and Sparrows and pigeons would find the pleasant Sunday morning and the long, compartmental alter ideal enough to clear their bowels or to get a little cozy (ok, no naughty descriptions!)….And the inclination of the antenna would change from X degrees to some Y degrees. And this would send shivers to the screen and the little kids.

As a disaster management strategy, Chintu would run to the site of the crime with the alacrity of a superhero and anticipating the cause of the trouble would try and re-orient the antenna back to X degrees. Pinki, at the pitch of her voice would be his backhand support. Fixing the problem would be imperative lest the program is missed followed by a panicking wait for another week.

Good ol’ days were replete with such adventurous manoeuvres that added to the definition of entertainment, not to forget the discussion that followed the program for a supposed prognosis of the next episode’s content.

Back to the future, well, ol’ days are gone, so are the B&W TVs and the big antennas (one wonders what happened to the birds after that. How did they.. well you know what!).Well, the remote and DTH services did make life easy but the charm is gone. Mindless acts, super bahu vs super vamp sagas, news channels turning into caricatures of absurdities and electricity in Delhi. Time is imminent when real entertainment is soon going to be a thing of the past. Sufferers would be the growing generation and future generations who are going to miss the quintessential entertainment and the adventure inside and out (remember the cozy birds on the antenna?)

Manish Thakur

[Image courtesy: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lordjerome/127381557/]