Take A Pinch Of Feminism And Enlighten Yourself

Feminism and MarriageDear world, feminism is good for you; unless you consciously choose to live a coagulated life.

Lately, I have come across posts, luminary statements, interviews and videos on feminism – that have ripped apart the concept inconsiderately. Some celebrities (women) are chanting against the idea of equality, ballyhooing the ‘issues’ they have with the word “feminist”. While some said they’d rather become a role model, there were others who inelegantly opined that feminism is nothing but women trying to become men, not appreciating their own selves or acknowledging the fact that their bodies were given to “produce children”. One feels sorry for these personages who, we feel, should have referred to a dictionary.

Feminism is not bra-burning or man-shaming. It does not encourage matriarchy. Feminism is just a battle against patriarchy and gender discrimination.

Nonetheless, to put things into perspective, here is how the dictionary defines the movement: Feminism is a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to define, establish, and achieve equal political, economic, personal, and social rights for women. This includes seeking to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment.

So, those who are shying away from this ideology are cheering for the wrong team here. They are encouraging gender-based bias and exploitation, thereby spreading ignorance. If you believe feminism is an over-used term and women are given the bodies to ‘produce children’, then I’d rather you sit at home, cook for your husband, bear his babies, etcetera. Feminism is concerned with the betterment of the society, its women. The fact that a celebrated personality would say something as regressive about a woman’s body as this is shameful. Truly.

Mothers are made. So their bodies and all their glorious abilities have nothing to do with motherhood.

And speaking of abusing and misunderstanding the term, we recently came across this video that played the partisanship card in the garb of progress and women’s liberation. Watch it here:

The video propagates both marriage and feminism tad too carelessly. The world should embrace feminism and accept it, because it is fundamental to the growth and progress of the society. But before they embrace this idea, they must understand that feminism is not commanding; it is simply liberating.

Therefore, if a woman decides to marry, wear a ring and apply vermillion and all the other things, then another should not stop of condemn her. Who decides whether you are a feminist or not? No one but you.

Whether you marry or you don’t, carry a baby or adopt one – or do neither – in a world of feminism nobody questions your choices or impedes your personal evolution. As long as you abide by law and do not emotionally (or physically) abuse someone, you are good.

This video is riddled with absurdities. While the institution of marriage has always been about sacred communion between two persons; its interpretation has been contorted. If someone believes that marriage is coercion, then they are mistaken. If anything, we must fight oppression, fight domestic exploitation, before calling ourselves feminists.

Let us not trivialise important issues while tossing around the inconsequential ones.

Prerna Mittra


The Viewspaper