Talking of the Heavens

Cyprus is one of the Mediterranean islands that have attracted visitors for centuries. This is hardly surprising as the island is truly beautiful and has a great deal of historically interesting sites to see. The island has been inhabited since the prehistoric times and this too is unsurprising as the island as a wide range of indigenous fauna and flora. The island has a range of micro-climates which creates different pockets of plant and animal life throughout the island.

You will find that every place you visit during your luxury holidays in Cyprus has its own unique charm.
It would seem that Cyprus is as close to the Garden of Eden as you can get on earth and it would appear that the ancients would agree with you. Long famed as the birthplace of the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite, this Greek island is still stamped with her indelible mark. During your luxury holidays in Cyprus you will see that there are reminders of the worship of Aphrodite scattered all over the island.

Visiting Lemesos will allow you to really understand the impact that religion had in ancient times – the Lemesos Museum gives a great deal of insight into ancient Cyprus and also arranges for fully guided tours to the sanctuary of Aphrodite. The locals nowadays love to take visitors on a “Love” tour of the island that concentrates your holidays in Cyprus on the ancient ruins of the temples and shrines of Aphrodite.

Naturally, the old religion gave way to Christianity during the Byzantine period and, because Cyprus was such an important center during this period, it produced wonderful and unique religious art in the form of mosaics and icons. The island has a large number of UNESCO world heritage sites and the most inspiring of these are the Byzantine churches in the Troodos region.

If you are more interested in the modern age than those gone by, a holiday in Cyprus still fit the bill. Cyprus offers everything you could possibly want of a Mediterranean holiday – luxury, warm sandy beaches, excellent food and a range of activities to keep even the most adventurous tourist busy. The island can be toured on foot, by bicycle, car or bus – how you choose to get around during your time in Cyprus, is completely up to you. The one rule in Cyprus – Explore and have fun; there is so much to see and do that if you stay at your resort the whole time, you will truly be missing out.

Ankita Talukdar