Tamasha: Will It Sizzle or Fizzle?

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When you have the chemistry of Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor, the pristine picturesque locales of the tiny little island Corsica, tucked away in France and the magic of musical maestro A. R. Rahman; you are bound to expect nothing but brilliance.

The movie revolves around two young people, a guy and a girl (surprise!). The girl seems like a chilled out, fun-loving and carefree lass, living life her way. While the guy, is the quintessential average Indian guy, an assembly line engineer with a high paying job, who is rather bored with his mundane existence.

Fast forward to Corsica where they meet and swear to each other that they would have the time of their lives, without divulging a single true detail about themselves. So they agree on fake names, get inside a convertible and drive around merrily. They agree to keep things casual and take the “what happens in Corsica, stays in Corsica” oath.deepika-ranbir-tamasha1

The songs are something that one really looks forward to as there a total of 7 songs and you look forward to.  Here’s a list of the crowd favourites-

Matargashti is quitea hit. Upbeat, fun and playful the song appeals to the masses and has garnered many fans.

Heer toh Badi Sad Hai  is a song Deepika gets to herself  the twist though is that it’s sung by Mika Singh supported by Naksh Aziz and hence she gets a male voice.

Safarnama is another gem by Lucky Ali, with the sound of the mellifluous flute in the background, as they cruise around Corsica.

Alka Yagnik makes a comeback with Tum Sath Ho, as Arijit Singh compliments the veteran singer and together they create an enigmatic duet.

As the film progresses the sheer camaraderie between them turns into something more. You could pretty much expect that. The twist though, is that they are already back to their normal lives. With that unfolds a dramatic second half where they struggle to come to terms with reality. The story takes a turn when they realize that the people they fell in love in with in Corsica are completely different to who they actually are.

Expectations are high as audiences are looking forward to a recreation of the magic of Imtiaz Ali, after he gave us movies as amazing as Jab We Met, Rockstar and Highway.

Whether it sizzles or fizzles on the box office, we’ll have to wait and watch. The speculation ends soon as Tamasha releases this Friday, 27th November.

Take a look at the trailer here:

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