Tap The Words and Make Them Dance To Your Tune!

Every one of us has a mind full of ideas and a conscience full of thoughts. Few have the ability to express these thoughts in such a manner that it awes the reader and keeps him gravitated till the end and leaves him into a state of sereneness. Those are a few gifted people who have this in born talent to flabbergast the lucky reader of their projected mind.

These people are generally not aware of this strength they possess at a tender age. It is with time and continuous practice practice and effort that they come close to penning down their ideologies , which is appreciated by one and all. The Good writers embellish their piece of writing in such a way that they leave the reader with no other option than to extol the reader.

And if you find all these qualities within yourself and have a passion for letting your feelings flow with through the nib of your pen, here is a career option earmarked just for you. These days, there is an increased demand for technical write-ups of for various events, it can be political, social or related to any contemporary issue. All you need to do is to practice practice and gain some experience and a good command over the use of language and the world out there is open to accept and appreciate and sometimes even criticize your writing, which is all for your own betterment.

You should join a graduation course in mass communication in one of the best Universities of the country if you want to pursue a career as a news reporter or the like and you can even graduate in English and then start on to writing all that you have learnt about the language in the working part of your life. You can start from writing for your school and college magazine and go on to writing columns and covering news and events for various famous magazines and portals. Many companies also provide an option to work from home, which helps you in maintaining a good balance between your family and work.

It could be a little challenging in the first few weeks but soon you will be acquainted with the demands and likings of your readers and may even manage to gather a decent number of regular readers of your articles. The pay packages of these kind of jobs is also good and increases within a few years to double or even triple depending upon your ability to stick the crowd to your magazine.

However, an important thing to be kept in mind is that in the initial years, this job could be very strenuous and depressing. You may not be able to find your type of audience and may be rejected and criticized badly at every stage but if you constantly put in all your energy and hard work and correctly dot the i’s and cross the t’s while learning from your seniors, there is no way that you will not be able to attract a large number of readers.

So, if you have just realized what you want to do for the rest of your life, start burning the midnight oil, because this is a job option requiring a lot of continuous effort and patience but in the end it is all worth it.

Aasita Gupta