Target: Terrorism

I think we should just let the terrorists go free. Security forces are prepared to see the day that they will have to let them go anyway. So why bother letting them inside our jails and treat them to public money. If ever we catch them we must allow the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to decide as to what shall be done with them I am sure they would be fair with them. Do they deserve fairness is the greater question which must be answered by the pseudo-humanitarians. Why should we not have a law to tackle a phenomenon which is eating our foundations day in and day out? These people have spread their wings outside of the earlier confines of Kashmir, North East and Punjab; they now are found everywhere living freely among us. Is the government oblivious of this fact? Probably they are; else they cannot be as lack lustre about clamping down on them. If we do want the forces to act against them, we must arm security personnel adequately.

We can proudly say today that this country boasts of the highest civilian casualties out of terrorists’ strikes after Afghanistan and Iraq. What have we have done to acquire this coveted position is act like wimps. The reasons are not known behind the confines of the government. The government is living in a fool’s paradise if it thinks they are doing great good by not going tough. This is the right time to act tough. There has not been a better time to ignore the likes of NHRC and ultra-leftist minded believers in justice like Arundhati Roy.

We have to look at some issues closely. Why has the situation come to this point and where could we have done better than what we are doing? As a nation we have not truly gone through the correct meaning of socialist governance, we continue to keep religion in tune with governance. We have reached a dangerous stage, when we can go horribly wrong because we fear retribution from one group. Hindus thought so when Nehru clamped on them for targeting Muslims after independence in Delhi. He did not lose elections. I do not see the present government doing anything like that to correct the mess. Why is the home ministry scared to adhere to the recommendations of the Second Administrative Reforms Commission headed by Veerappa Moily which has asked for stronger laws?

It goes beyond me that the ministry can do this just to appear as the saviours of Muslims. They must realise they would be as thankful if such laws are in place. If we don’t have terrorism, the muslim community would anyway benefit. They too are suffering the consequences of terrorism. No one can deny that Islamic fundamentalism is a global phenomenon opposed to people calling this struggle in India as based out of India. These kids are brainwashed so badly that they know no good! What is the harm in acting against illegal immigrants if the government is aware that they are directly involved in the blasts around India. Why do we have to sit quietly for a hostile country like Bangladesh?

Now, if we have tough laws we can also curb the Hindu extremists who are springing up from left, right and centre. They give their reasons to be that they want to create havoc for the Islamic Jihadist. What is this government doing to curb any extremism? They do not have the ability or the will to apply the law of the land. The best way is to exterminate them as well. The police save out on hassles along with saving the courts time. Since this is not possible in a soft nation. Let us at least have laws which enable the police to pre-empt such strikes and act on suspicion. The police are not even allowed to tap phones. Even for that they have to take permit from a magistrate. Post 9/11 it is only India which has done away with a tough law opposed to others implementing strong measures.

No reason is enough to take up arms opposed to peaceful negotiations. Not even murder in my opinion. The only thing that should run in our heads is how we can stomp out these people out of the fabric of the nation irrespective of their caste, creed, region or religion. This can only be done if we have an impartial police system which does not work under the confines of the government. They need to be allowed to work with their own discretion. The media should not keep running after the cops for answers but to the government and ask what they have done to empower the forces? It is highly important in a multi-cultural society like India that we don’t allow excessive state interference in policing such sensitive matters making it a political game. The security agencies must be answerable to the judiciary. Else every Tom, Dick and Harry will continue to get away with hostilities.

Abhik Sen
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