Teach for India

Hello Everyone

There is a team of people currently working for Teach for India (www.teachforindia.org) and it has been a tremendous experience so far. It feels great to play, maybe, an inconsequential, but nevertheless a tangible hand in trying to end the educational inequity in our country.

The major objective here is to implement novel teaching methodologies to make studies fun and more meaningful and drift away from the conventional focus from rote learning. All the kids come from a very low socio-economic background. Most of the parents, if at all, are just able to make the ends meet by working as blue collar workers and menial laborers and the right to education becomes a luxury which very few are able to afford. The school qualifies with a minimal infrastructure of classrooms, blackboards and benches for the students to sit on, but it lacks everything else that would make learning smoother and logistically unconstrained.

Here, we’re writing to you calling for whatever help that you can provide in making the class more meaningful for the kids. Here are the ways in which you can help:

Visiting our classroom: We tell our kids about all the things they can become if they excel in their studies. We tell them that they are limited only by their imagination. We tell them that they can become doctors, engineers, army men, police officers, leaders, artists and many more that they can live a good life if they are determined enough. But, sadly, they don’t understand much, or even if they do, this concept is alien to them. We’ll be very glad if you can take some time out from your schedule and visit our class. Just talking to them, telling them about technological advances, about what you do and reiterating to dream big and work hard provides them with huge amount of motivation and they look up to you. Our kids dream just like you do. Just in case you think it is difficult to squeeze time during weekdays, we have a half day in school on Saturdays. So, just drop me a mail if you want to come to the class. We’ll fix a schedule for it.

Financial/material Helps: To make kids want to come to a class perpetually, it is very important they like the class atmosphere and the visual aids play a very big part in it. It is also important that learning becomes enjoyable. Following are the things that we plan to do for the class:

1. Soft Boards: The walls are very dirty and the monsoons make matters worse. We make a lot of charts but they get wasted because of the water seepage. Soft boards will help in keeping those charts intact.
2. Field Trips: Kids memorize through visual aids better practical knowledge better than they do with books alone. We wish to take them to field trips to places like planetarium, zoo, seminars for kids etc.
3. Painting the class: The walls are flaky, dull and they do not create a proper environment for learning.
4. Almirah: There is no storage space in the staffroom or even in the class. It will be easier to store the worksheets, notebooks, storybooks and other teaching aids that we use. Usually, we have to carry them home everyday which become a pain.
5. Projector: knowing that it is a huge investment, this is not something we’re planning immediately. But, it will be worth it. We can make them watch videos, presentations, simulations and do a lot more efficiently and effectively.

A lot more can be done. You may contribute in any way you want. Please do not hesitate if you have an idea to make it smoother for them. We can be reached at

Tanushree Angirish – email id – [email protected]
Pritha Choudhary – email id – [email protected]