Teach Them Right, So As To Avoid Many Wrongs


How many times was it, when we used to stand in front of the mirror, trying to ape our mother and the way she talks? Or enacting like our fathers when he was riding a bike, or when he was in some crucial business meeting? How many times have we tried to dress up like either of our parents and enacting their roles? Plenty a times.

This is one of the memories of our gullible childhood, thinking and knowing our parents to be perfect, we always wanted to copy it rather than think something of our own. We wanted to be like our parents when we grew up, and whether we agree or not, we have turned out to be like them (in a lot of ways). The way we dress, talk, think are majorly, if not entirely, inspired by how our parents do it, and I am at peace with it. We grew up with some major influence, and it was supposed to rub off on us, sooner or later.

During this weekend, we were presented with the opportunity of welcoming our guests, which is almost a weekly thing when you are essentially Punjabi, and possess a big, fat and slightly conflicted family. So this family that came to visit us has a 5-year-old kid, and I think he just started school. However, shocker came in when he abused his mom, the typical Hindi abuses we use while driving, because she served him a hot bite. I was disgusted beyond expectations, undoubtedly, he did get a scolding from me, but I was thinking from where did he learn all this?

Turns out, his dad is sort of an emotional abuse inflictor, and ridicules and abuses his mother, because he can. The kid obviously took inspiration from his father, because when we are young, we cannot bifurcate between good and bad, and we all want to ape our father, because he is the superhero of our life. Now, in the aforementioned scenario, who is at fault- is it the kid who does everything his dad does, or the dad for actually thinking that it is okay to do so?


Abusing while driving a car, beating wives for not being served with hot food, cursing and indulging in mental abuse- all these things are noticed by a kid waiting to be nurtured. They would ape all of this and would inflict the same, while thinking it is okay to be done.

Be it as serious as domestic violence, or as normal as using mobile phones or various other gadgets while someone is talking to you, such mannerisms should be inculcated within the kids. Teach them to respect every individual, be it the sweeper or the Prime Minister; teach them the power of patience and a wise mind, than showcase the power of money and the easiness that comes with corrupt activities. Teach them the art of conversation, to be an avid reader, to be a kind person and a courageous one too. After all,

Children have never been very good at listening to their elders, but they have never failed to imitate them.

To most kids, their parents are their first and longest lasting role models. They pick up mannerisms, the language, and even the body language from them without even realizing they’re doing it. But sometimes, they also pick up some bad habits. And those habits become the most visible ones. The habits that bring out their ugly side, and the side which remains with them for a really long time.

Educating kids morally has to be of more importance than the degrees they might accredit themselves with. There is no point of doing an MBA from Ivy Leagues colleges, if one continues to misbehave with their parents, their future partner, or indulge in sexist snarls, or is intolerant of every (or one) religion, or gender or caste.

Is there any sense in earning lakhs, and still raping wives behind closed rooms, the walls of which are adorned with achievements? Is there any point of doing a hotshot job, while mentally abusing your husband for the things he does or does not do?

Let us enrich them morally, than forcing them to pursue rote learning. It is not that bad to be a role model worth aping, right?

Yugansha Malhotra

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