Teachers and Us

“Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.” – Jacques Barzun Today as most of the youth of our country go for the higher paying jobs in the MNC’s there are few who dedicate their lives in this noble profession, oh yes some do purely for other reasons but lets leave that aside. Today I don’t know how many will agree with me but at least from what I have seen there are very few teachers whom we can love respect and admire. I remember when I was a child; my love for any subject would heavily fluctuate according to the teachers who taught the subject. In class 8, it was chemistry because we had a wonderful teacher, and I did terribly in mathematics because I just hated the teacher. Its just that these days some teachers just don’t realize how important a role they play in the lives of their students. They shape the minds of the youth. In our country, we cannot blame the drift away from this profession because its true they are poorly paid when compared to the MNC’s .

The gradual decline of the teacher – student relationship has been brought about due to a change in attitude on both sides. There are parents who treat the teachers as “employers” and therefore it is not surprising when their children do not respect them. We have also stigmatized many terms unnecessarily. I have seen parents saying in a lamenting manner “oh he is so professional!” pray why is being “professional” a bad practice? I am not saying taking tuitions is a very commendable practice but what is the alternative when students do not have competent teachers in school. There are some who indulge in exploiting students and there are students who attend only to gain favors but despite this, the solution is not in banning private tuitions but in increasing the competence of the teachers. Personally speaking, I have come across many private tutors who have been wonderful teachers and like foster parents to me. I have seen teachers teaching an interesting subject like physics and students falling asleep. Literature is being taught like it has no soul, questions being snubbed because they are “silly”,. If these things continue then well nothing can improve. In fact, there are teachers who demand respect from their students and do not act in way that would inspire students to respect and emulate them. When I say that the competence of the teachers should be checked, I do not mean their degrees. I have seen teachers with a PhD to flaunt yet making students yawn.

The techniques of teaching should be improved. Innovations should be welcomed; participation and interaction should be encouraged. Recently there was a survey where students from class 1 to 5 were tested on application of science in practical scenarios. The results were shocking; the top ranking students of their class had no clue to many answers only because they had engaged in mugging up. The remedy to the situation can happen only if there is a change in the attitude both of parents and teachers.

Shiny Das

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