Teaching English to Your Rival

randall_teaching_english_abroad.jpgIndia and China are called booming economies and future superpowers of the world. They are often compared, discussed, debated and analyzed on various parameters.

China on the one hand has good infrastructure, huge manufacturing capabilities, quicker government action and a sheer determination to grow. However it’s huge Mandarin speaking population is proving to be a hindrance in its race to reach the top.

English has become the international language of business and communication and unlike the French who “don’t want to learn it”, the Chinese are quickly trying to grasp it. Learning English has become the national priority as well as obsession for the people of China. Children are sent to evening schools and receive private coaching in the language. It has resulted in an explosion in the number of private language institutes and teachers going to teach English in China. In fact thousands of teachers from India are heading to China and to Indian Institutions that are opening up to teach. Not only are Indian teachers happy about the job prospects but also excited about going to Mao’s Land. Indian publishers printing books on English learning are laughing all the way to the bank. Software companies too are designing easy to understand software for the Chinese.

Some would argue saying, “What’s wrong in this? Indian’s aren’t doing it for free.” True. But aren’t we equipping our rival with a tool that would go a long way in helping it reach the heights of supremacy?

Today China has taken note of its weakness and is slowly investing in overcoming it. It is equipping its citizens to become major players in the international job market. It’s ironical that its rival India is the one teaching it English there by letting go of its last remaining advantage. Will someone take note? Or will we once again say “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai?”

Astik Sinha