India is booming in the IT sector these days, right from production to manufacturing, all strategies are set right. It is not too far when India will dominate the marquee of the world’s Superpower. But in this rat race, our traditions seem to dissolve. Emotions, attachment, selflessness—these words seem to be ‘passé’…What seems to be on the mind of every IT-struck teenager is ‘India’s growth’.

Development is essential for an economy otherwise it might become stagnant, but the growth should be such that our values remain intact. But is this really the case? Technology has definitely brought a lot of awareness and exposure, but it does make us think if it is the sole cause of our existence? The Internet has created havoc in this day and age. Though it is a convenient method of connecting with people, the ever-growing access to pornographic sites isn’t a healthy sign.

If we tend to observe any teenager—one characteristic is common to all… And those are the social networking sites. The Gen-X is so glued to these websites that it has almost become an addiction, no less than drugs. But doesn’t it make more sense to spend quality time with one’s parents after a hard day’s work? Should we spare a fraction of some time from our already hectic schedules? The cares, the shares, the love have all vanished into mid air. In this jet age, these seem to be irrelevant.

To make up for the time, parents satisfy their children by providing them with expensive gadgets. In some way, the parents too are at fault. Children usually imitate the actions of their parents, so parents must also realize what they are losing. The dinner time commonly would be a scene like this—father in the drawing room, mother in the dining room and children in their own rooms. Inspite of this, the situation doesn’t seem to get any better.

All in all, technology has dominated us but we must ensure that this technology doesn’t eat into our lives and make us emotionless and heartless. Because what really counts in life is but the small nothings which bring a smile.

Ravi Kunjwal

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