Teen Pressure

They don’t even get enough time to breathe after they have put up with their XII exams. So, what’s next?  Medical, Engineering or law? Well you must strive thrice as hard as you did for your boards. It’s your life, your career and you can’t just be sitting like that. Buck up!! Shorten your sleep a bit more now. That’s what a student gets to hear they are   finally done with their Boards.

“COMPETITION” is the word and if you want to live a life of “Standard” then, you can’t escape it.

Today, children are crushed between the wheels of competition & pressure. We have heard it infinite times that the teens are the most carefree people in this world. I find it hard to believe . Just because they eat out of their parent’s hands you can’t term them as carefree, at least not when you are quite aware of the tough world outside.

A percent less and you are out of the rat race. No mercy, no love & a second chance, even tougher, has for you to waste another year of your life.

Then, life doesn’t appear to be the same as you saw it on the canvas of your dreams. Its colours start to fade away. That silent blue beach which once used to comfort you about your future suddenly turns hot red and you feel there’s nothing left. It’s over, all at once.

Dedication & hard work, no doubt are an essential component but too much of everything, suffocates.  The competition outside is just so high and everyone needs the best, but this desire unknowingly ruin one’s life. One doesn’t even realize when life ran away and took those lovely moments with it. Gossiping with friends, going out for movies without informing at home, chatting with friends for hours…. You lose all that & your esteemed position in a company or the luxuries that you have now can’t fill that gap in your life.

How can one lose such an integral part of life? Life is not just exams, or your career; it has a much wider scope.

Today when parents have narrowed their thinking such that they just want doctors & engineers growing in their homes; the children bear the load. No doubt, it’s the responsibility & duty of a child to fulfill their parent’s dreams but the parents also do not have any right to force their anguish on the children. Parents, rather than acting as a mode of support, laden the children with their own wishes also. The recent hike in the suicide cases proves the point itself.

One cannot shed responsibilities. The fact that the world out there is full of atrocities & competition cannot be neglected. When a child goes through this tough period of life, constant support from parents & teachers act as a great barrier of support.

The feeling of competition shouldn’t be related to jealousy rather, it should be taken up in the right spirit.

So, one must just go on in life taking everything to be positive, giving it your best shot & then even the sky will fall short to be achieved.

Sanjana Khosla

Image Source: [http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1072/1367575648_8c3f3b0dd7.jpg]