Teenagers: A Puff of Smoke, A Drag of Cigarette And Life Long Misery

Mark twain Twain said, “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I’ve done it thousands of times.”

This is one of the most common notions among the general public. They indulge in smoking and later become addicted to it. Teenagers are more prone to bend to the addictiveness of tobacco. All over the world the basic indulgence towards tobacco starts at a very young age. Influences of smoking parents or peer pressure are some of the most likely aspects of influence. People who lack a social status or the students who are stressed or have a low academic grade are more susceptible to lean on the charms of smoking. The most Most smokers of the world start smoking as teenagers. Teen smoking begins innocently, however, it usually becomes a lifelong habit.

If teenagers feel that smoking is accepted socially, then they are more likely to smoke and later also drink alcohol and take drugs. Those young boys and girls who start smoking early in life tend to face dependencies towards tobacco, thereby damaging not only their lives and future but also their relationships.

Even after realizing the dangers they face with every puff of smoke, they still want to have a drag. Stress buster, mood moderator and weight controller are also some of the reasons why teenagers’ pied pipe’s towards smoking without even realizing that these are temporary benefits. The long term impact of smoking is disastrous and life threatening.

Studies have shown differences in the reasons as well as reaction of people towards male and female smoking. For women there are negative feelings as it portrays an ‘unlady-like’ image where as for men it is considered cool and macho. Macho or not smoking is one of the most deadly ways of living, one can ever recount. It is not only harmful for the smoker but to the people around him as well.

This temporary satisfaction and high caused by smoking has long term and life altering consequences. It causes various diseases like:
• Cancer
• Asthma
• Lung problems
• Heart attack or heart problems
• Intake of carbon monoxide in smoking can deoxygenize the blood and it can be fatal also.

Teenagers indulge in smoking in order to relieve their stress, depression and to improve their mood also for self medicating purposes. However, they later realize that, this very smoking can further lead to depression in later stages of life. Also, women who smoke to regulate their body weight and for dieting, tend to gain more weight if they quit smoking.

This in turn makes them addicted to smoke so as to maintain their body weight. Smoking thus is nothing but and unnecessary evil of society, which causes massive problems all over the globe. Most importantly life expectancy is reduced (by around 7 years) and billions are spent to cure the causes of this fatal addiction.
What is strange is the fact that why would anyone want to inhale tar, Benzene, Acetone, Carbon Monoxide or Hydrogen Cyanide(etc.), which is equivalent of taking a drag of smoke. One does not inhale fumes from the smoke pipe of a car then why would they willingly smoke a cigarette.

It is a common saying that, “prevention is better than cure.” This saying is very applicable as it is far easier to prevent smoking rather than curing the effects of it. Awareness among teenagers is one of the simpler ways of preventing it at a grass root level.

Enlightening and making young men and women aware about the dire consequences of smoking and helping them in overcoming their problems is a positive approach to this issue. If teenagers are healthy, happy and have a positive lifestyle then smoking is unlikely to reach them. also cCommunication between parents and children can further help is curing this fatal addiction.

So in all I can just conclude by saying that a collaborated effort by teenagers and adults, relaxed mindset and finally a positive environment can help in eradicating this deadly addiction.

Aarshi Dua