Telangana – Past, Present and Future

Democracy means ‘people’s power’. People’s power indicates people are the rulers and people are not sufferers. How can people be peaceful if the rail-rokhos, the rastha-rokho’s continue? Democracy always encourages debate and discussion but it does not encourage the sufferings of people. In a nation, where 37% people are below poverty line, any ‘bandh’ would lead to the suffering of people only. Democracy insists on solving problems through peaceful talks, but not through inappropriate actions which makes people suffer and die even. The present happenings in the name of Telangana are quite undemocratic and unscrupulous.

On 17 September, 1948 Telangana was freed from Nizam rule and it has been included in our nation and it had been a separate state for 8 years then on. On 1953, Andhra was separated from Tamil Nadu on the basis of language or a few say, Telugu people had been treated as ‘step sons’ by Tamilians.

From then on (1953) Visalandhra movement, for forming a state including Telangana was on board and at that time Jawaharlal Nehru said (on 2oct, 1953),” Visalndhra is an idea bearing a point of expansionist imperialism.” State reorganization Committee, 1956 opinionated.”, it will be in the interest of Telangana if, for the present the Telangana area is constituted into a separate state.”

Both the leaders of Andhra and Telangana before forming Andhra Pradesh combining both the regions entered Gentle Men’s agreement, 1956 which insisted on forming regional standing committee, provision of domicile rule like reserving the income from Telangana for regional development etc.,On 1 Novemeber,1956 Andhra Pradesh emerged.

A few facts and figures indicate that Krishna and Godavari, the major rivers of India are flowing from Telangana but net utilization of water inTelangana from these rivers is comparatively lesser despite its
population being half of Andhra Pradesh. Utilization systems have not been developed even after 61 years of independence. A survey says that irrigation was possible in 20 lakh acres from surface water on 1956
and it has been reduced to 12 lakh acres in 2006. ”had been no merger of the states there were better
chances for this area to get irrigational facilities.”

History brought to the notice as ignorance breeds distrust and what we don’t know we tend not to trust. The Telangana issue is again on board making the common man’s life miserable and satisfying a few politicians’ satiety for demagoguery.

The stated facts prove Telangana to be a backward are but its backwardness is no different from any other region in India. In India, all programmees (IRDP, NREGA etc) fund release is based on population, there is no region-wise discrimination but our delivery systems are so weak that released funds never reach people intact or in the words of Rajiv Gandhi that only 19 paisa reach the target of every rupee spent .Now the history of Telangana no more holds as backwardness is saga of many regions in India.

Telangana is a backward region. No one can deny this fact but let us take a look at few more facts. Telangana is the first non-coastal region that wants a separate state status in India and second, it wants to get separated with capital, which has been one of the major hubs of Indian economy.

Telangana is no more a problem of a single state. It is problem of the nation as Hyderabad can take back the Indian economy to certain minimal levels and second, many movements of this kind may prelude
Telanagana movement which definitely troubles the sovereignty of India.

No nation or society is perfect. We have to make it a better place to live in .Belgium has only 2 languages, still they fight brutally for separate entities and India has 18 recognized languages and many more disparities. How can we expect the nation’s survival with out problems? But problems should b solved through dialogue in Democracy.

A separate state can never be the panacea and some times it may lead to a few more institutional problems. If separate state formations bring development with them, why Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh are still in
the top of India’s abject poverty.

If undevelopment is the reason, ask for development, better governance, and corruption-free, literate society but don’t breed regional wars as it is barbarianism. If the biggest state in south India can’t rest in peace, how can India rest in peace?

In the elections of 2004 and 2009, political parties have played a bluff-game hurting the sentiments of people and one way, traditional political parties play bluff-game in entire India and actually, it has
to be a quarrel between bad politics and people but our people, unable to understand fights among themselves in the name of region,religion,language,caste or whatever provoked by demagogues.

If a state named ‘Telangana’ is formed, then also there will be no problem to common man as they are not asking for the separate nation and the land won’t go to another nation and our focus should be on development of entire India and nation-making, not on forming separate states or keeping states intact.

History is what we inherit. The future is what we make of it. In case of Telangana, the short term objectives should be addressed and politicians should remember that history is an unbiased judge and after a few years, they will be blamed for their demagoguery. The problems should not be subsided. Strong agreement should be made and a perfect development plan should be sketched and backward regions in entire nation should be identified.

In long term, the ruling power should be kept in the hands of common man. Transparency should be brought at every level in the entire nation with instant justice. No one in this nation should be denied of dignity,
justice or opportunities and for that leadership of strong ideas and execution should be enforced and this is only possible through principle politics with utmost values and this nation’s youngsters can only make
that happen.

Telangana issue is on board only because of denied dignity and in the coming years, many movements of this type may bedazzle us if conditions are kept untreated, so better act in a proper way providing ample opportunities, unbiased justice to all Indians and solution in a single sentence is-“Kill the hypocrisy and
bring the real democracy”.

Arvind Thumbur