Telepathy: A Lost Paranormal Ability

Answer this.

When someone is staring at you from behind, have you ever looked back automatically?

Has it ever happened that you are thinking of someone and suddenly, that person contacts you?

Have you ever felt anxious for no reason and later realized that your loved one (family or friend) was in danger?

All these are not mere co-incidences. These are all manifestations of telepathy. Every person, at some point of time, have experienced similar ‘co-incidences’. But then why do people maintain that this is all illusionary and continue to underestimate the potential of human mind?

Last week, I was not well. I was missing my elder sister badly who was out of town. Suddenly, I got a call from her and she said, “Are you fine? I am feeling very anxious for no reason.” I was awestruck.

Cynics called this a mere co-incidence. Others said it was her sixth sense. I believe it was telepathy.

The word ‘telepathy’ has been derived from the Greek word tele which means distant and pathe which means affliction. The term was coined by Fredric W. H. Myers in 1882 and is defined as “the communication of impressions of any kind from one mind to another, independently of the recognized channels of sense” (as defined by our generation’s e-guru: Wikipedia!)

Though most people have heard about telepathy and use it vaguely in their conversation, very few actually know the science behind it. Over the last seventy years, a lot of research has been done in this area and the results are certainly astonishing. Systematic approach and scientific study has proved that telepathy is not just a myth. According to Myers, who also established the Society for Psychical Research, a person who has the ability and the determination to use telepathy, can easily read the mind of others and transfer thoughts without using any of the five human senses.

Telepathic communication takes place on another level and only the people involved directly in it realize it. Some scientists and animal researchers claim that animals communicate via telepathy even over long distances. Anthropologists assert that several primeval tribes used to communicate through this power of telepathy and incidentally, some of them continue to do so, even though there is no concrete evidence behind this claim. However, the world is not experiencing anything new. It is just re-discovering the lost power of human mind and trying to explore its vast potential. It is not necessary that every person has inherent telepathic powers. These can be developed through meditation and concentration i.e. sadhana. Telepathy and all other such paranormal capabilities exist inside all of us just like the ability to speak, hear, feel etc but it depends on an individual that how well he/she utilizes and develops them.

Telepathy is in no doubt often co-related to ‘sixth sense’ and ‘gut feelings’ but these two are different concepts. Today people have certainly lost this ancient wisdom in the mist of modern science based on facts and therefore people can no longer use their paranormal powers efficiently.

Telepathy, psychokinesis i.e. the ability to move objects with the power of one’s mind, synchromysticism i.e. mystery behind co-incidences, astral projection i.e. being at a place but not physically, clairvoyance i.e. extrasensory perception to know things beyond human senses, shared dreaming etc are emerging areas of study and form the main branches of Para-psychological research. This particular area of study is considered pseudo-scientific because scientists across the globe fail to comprehend the exact mechanism behind such processes. Para psychological research, though not recognized by the international science community, is an effort to comprehend the complicated aspects of human mind and spirit and unravel its enormous power. Parapsychologists claim that telepathy and all other such phenomena exist for real.

Nevertheless, claims for such psychic and paranormal skills are very controversial as the critiques and skeptics virulently attack these concepts. Cynics call this fraud, manipulation, self-deception and attention-seeking maneuvers and are adamant that such paranormal powers are illusionary.

Today such extrasensory stuff has become a popular theme in science fiction, with many superheroes exhibiting extraordinary powers which are actually inspired by paranormal phenomena. The recent Hollywood movie, Inception starring Leonardo de Caprio explores another such paranormal phenomenon – incepting an idea in someone’s mind through manipulated shared dreaming. Another famous movie which portrays a telepath is Star Wars (the character of Jedi). But the mechanisms that are shown in such sci-fi’s are quite different from the actual processes.

Whatever might be the truth, such paranormal incidents and research prove the existence of a higher power which is beyond human understanding.

Mahima Taneja

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