Tennis Greats Meet To Take Wimbledon Final To Another Level


Today, two of the greatest players of tennis shall see eye to eye, to bag home the title which is considered one of the most coveted in the tennis world. Tennis enthusiasts must have noted the date already in their calendars and in no way can they afford to miss the biggest match of their favourite sport. Wimbledon final is one match which even non-followers of tennis would love to watch, especially when the two players who are playing this match are nothing short of legendary.

Roger Federer will aim at his 18th Grand Slam Title today. If he wins, he will create history in the world of tennis by winning 8 Wimbledon titles. Till date, he has 7 titles to his name, which is also the highest number of wins for any player worldwide.

On the other hand, Novak Djokovic will play to win his 3rd Wimbledon title having won the titles in 2011- when he shot to fame- and in 2014. Djokovic is all set to play the final, knowing the track record of Federer who won Wimbledon finals consecutively from 2003 to 2007, the winning spree only to be broken by Rafael Nadal. Interestingly, Djokovic is currently World Number 1 whereas at the age of 33, Federer maintains number 2 rank in the world rankings.

In my opinion, the Swiss star is a strong competent to win this match. Other than his track record which I already mentioned above, I feel there would be more support for him as opposed to Novak Djokovic. Djokovic would feel the pressure to play against his hero who  also happens to be his inspiration. He said, “Roger and I played many times. He’s one of my greatest rivals.  He’s one of the people who actually made me a better player, as well. He’s so good and so consistent; we shouldn’t spend too much words about him. We all know how good he is. But this is where he loves to play. This is where he plays his best tennis, I think the centre court of Wimbledon is his court. He loves it. He usually rises up to the occasion.”

Federer, who has the ability to turn the game to his benefit with the changing situations, surely knows better how to play under so much expectations and excitement of spectators in the court. On the semifinal on Friday against Andy Murray, Federer had received a standing ovation from the crowd. This alone justifies the amount of love and respect the tennis great receives from his fans.

Federer had something to say in response to questions being asked on who has more chances of winning Wimbledon final, which is the most watched match in the world of tennis. He responded, “Can I beat him? We’ll find out. I’m not sure. Novak is one of the best players and he’s made it hard to win big tournaments. I know how to beat him but this is a different occasion. I want this one on Sunday.”

Having reached the Everest’s height in tennis, Federer remains grounded and continues his practice sessions to give way to yet another magical performance in his next match. This match is most awaited and today-we would get a chance to cherish the high levels of sportsmanship by these two champions. Looking forward to a memorable game!



Gagandeep Singh Vaid

Image Source: The Viewspaper