Terror strikes Again

Delhi 6.15 pm: Over a span of a few minutes, seven blasts erupted across Delhi markets, leaving this city in an utter state of shock and confusion. According to the facts, 18 people were killed and over 90 others were injured. Blasts were of low intensity, and the security managed to diffuse certain bombs also. The affected areas were Connaught Place, Karol Bagh and Greater Kailash. Indian Mujahideen, the group responsible for the Ahmadabad blasts, claims to be responsible for this chaos also.

The Ahmedabad bombings were a series of 21 bomb blasts that hit the city on July 26, 2008, within a span of 70 minutes. 56 people were killed and over 200 people were injured. Since then, a large number of Bombs we found in Surat and were diffused successfully.
Delhi Was on Red Alert then.

The worst sufferers of such incidents are the civilians, those civilians that have remotely anything to do with “religious” hatred. We suffer because of the lousy nature of India’s security. If it were not so, then how come a red alert in Delhi just a month ago can result in blasts in the most visited areas of this capital city. This just implies that this city is very vulnerable.

Or should we blame the terrorists, who consider bombing as the sole solution to every problem. It is only the preamble that describes India as “Secular”. Politicians impose the religious differences, extremists and terrorists disagree, and who suffers in the end?
We Do. Why are we paying the price of something we are not responsible for?

As the situation worsens day by day, we are left to wonder whether the terrorist situation in India will ever be alright. It is high time, we take up some actions. For we are the majority of this nation, and if we do not change our attitude, we will remain an easy target as always.

If the security at metro stations is lax, we should complain about it and not remain ignorant. Bombs are kept at places that go unnoticed like dustbins, luggage. These can be of any strength, claiming the precious lives of many. It has also been observed that without the help of locals, any bombing attempt is not possible. Locals are generally bribed to place certain objects at several places, which they blindly do follow. Making everyone aware about the seriousness of this issue is also important.

On a positive note, in this hour of tragedy people of India unite together and voluntarily help out victims, irrespective of their religion. People help out to carry the injured to hospitals and donate blood wherever required.

Terrorists cause harm to capital and life, to create terror. But they can never defeat Humanity. Every injury caused, only strengthens us. For it urges us to help those in need. And this, will always keep us going.

[Image source:http://cache.boston.com/resize/bonzai-fba/AP_Photo/2008/09/14/1221370407_1220/539w.jpg]