Terror Trail

5 days, 55 bombs, 3 cities and 53 dead.

Clearly, India is under attack. If you think otherwise, then I am sorry to say, you think wrong. By whom? Well, that is something we all want to know. Isn’t it?

Though a terrorist outfit, the Indian Mujahideen did lay claim to the Ahmedabad blasts, the officials aren’t even sure if any such outfit actually exists. And the Bengaluru and the Ahmedabad blasts could have been carried out by two absolutely different outfits for all we know. And then came the Surat fiasco that was thankfully averted. None of the 24 bombs planted blew up.

So where does all of this lead? Er…nowhere!

Officials, however, do agree that Indian Mujahideen could actually be a cover up for ex- SIMI activists.

Another piece of information that is very disturbing is the sudden border skirmish with Pakistan. If it was an accident, well, it happened at a very wrong time. With the CIA coming up with its report on the alleged ISI links with Islamic Terror groups, I couldn’t stop myself from becoming a bit of a drama-king…

What if? What if Pakistan was involved? Most people would already believe in the ISI-Terror nexus lurking somewhere in the Terror story of India, but what if the civilian Government of Pakistan did know about the plans of ISI? It doesn’t necessarily have to though. ISI is an organization with its own constitution and line of command, but the border intrusion by Pakistani forces does raise a few suspicious eyebrows.

Here we are, already struggling with Bollywood movie inspired attacks on our cities, and suddenly the Pakistani soldiers wake up one fine morning and decide to take a stroll into our side of the border (probably to have meal with their Indian counterparts). Hmmm…something is fishy!

On a more serious note, maybe I am reading too much into the border skirmish. Maybe it was nothing but a freak accident due to miscommunication which chose a very unfortunate time to take place. Maybe the civilian Government in Pakistan did not have any prior knowledge about the Terror strikes.

So now if this is the case, a more sinister question comes up before us. Are all these Terror groups homegrown?

Indian Mujahideen has asked Lashkar-e-Tayyeba (LeT) to not claim the credit for the blasts it carried out in Ahmedabad. Previously, it had claimed the Jaipur blasts of May 2008 and the November 2007 blasts in various courts in Uttar Pradesh. This situation is scary because it follows a series of other little known terror outfits claiming credit for various strikes; Inquilabi group for October 2005 attacks in Delhi, Lashkar-e-Qahar for the Mumbai train blasts of July 2006, Tariq-e-Qasas for the Akshardham attack in September 2002.

Probably they are all off-shoots of SIMI, formed after many of its top leaders were caught. Suspects of the Bengaluru attack also include certain Kerala based Terror groups.

What makes the whole situation even more terrifying is the rate at which these new Terror groups are emerging. Maybe, again, I am presenting picture far more grave than reality,, but one thing is for certain;

INDIA IS UNDER ATTACK, either from the outside or from the inside. And the latter scares me more than the former.

Purav Goswami

[Image Source:http://flickr.com/photos/wild-smith/58911549/]