Terror Turmoil – Are we abetting Terrorism?


When the souls rest in slumber,

When the hearts live in belief

That they are in peace,

When the child laughs in the lap of his mother

When the world is confined

In parental love and ease.

Blasts, a gunshot, cease the phlegmatic breeze

And what is left is terror, blood, dismay and disbelief,

Tears, agony and an unspoken, unheard melancholy.

The above lines are synonymous to what an innocent victim goes through when he suddenly loses his kin, his world. The unexpected, unwanted and unseen doom gibes upon him and his family. Irrespective of age, sex or religion, death gulps every individual, not excusing him even when he were to beseech. When an elite business man goes on a vacation to the Taj hotel or friends freak out in theaters, nobody even conjures that they are never to return back. They leave behind lamenting hearts and wet eyes and a mayhem in the entire society. The rubbled up buildings or the loath of flesh is what crams the entire roadside.

In this decade we have witnessed an uprise in terrorism or the “fear of death” and on contrary, the humanity has ebbed down. Whether it was a twin tower attack in 2001 or Mumbai terror attack by Kasab and “team” in 2008 or the daily headlines hitting newspapers concerning suicide bombers in Pakistan, Afghanistan or the Interpol alert in India or the serial bombings in the proud capital of India, Delhi, the list is unending! It has crippled individuals and they live on the mercy of those armed masqueraded men.

But I want to ask what is abetting terrorism? Is it our upbringing, differences in religion and mentality or the revenge of socially unprivileged elements or the politically inspired citizens of our society?

Reasons of terrorism

What I believe is that blasphemy is one of the major factors contributing to bloodshed in our country. The hindu-muslim fight dates back to an era of our newly achieved independence. In 2002 the hindu-muslim riots and as a consequence burning up of trains is the biggest testimony that one group of religion is always in controversies with the other. Their dispute over Babri Masjid and the Ram Rajya case is the biggest humiliation for our society which infuriated terror. Nobody is ready to accept the fact that path to god is one but they believe in outshining others by giving the highest regard to their form of almighty.

On similar lines is the issue of Kashmir. Muslims yearn to seize Kashmir and Hindus are retorting back with guns and missiles. But the innocents and 1000s of Kashmiris are the scapegoats of the entire propaganda. When after 6 pm they can only hope for their family members to be back home or when the tourists who squander money to capture the “swarg on earth” but are gunned down, their anguish is incomparable.

The other reason as I stated above could be the upbringing. As I scrutinized the lives of various terrorists, I was perplexed. Are they actually to be blamed when from childhood they are fed with antipathy? I watched a documentary on the 2001 twin tower attacks and one of the foundation builders was none other than a highly educated engineer. The terror groups assured him that he would find himself a shelter in heaven after the suicidal attack because he was serving his religion – Islam by forcing the Americans to doom. And so happily he joined the conspiracy with a proud thought of being martyred. So, I believe the stereotypical thoughts and practice in our society demands an improvement so that our future does not have more of Kasabs or Osamas.

If this is not enough lets boggle our brains a little more. The curse of poverty, unemployment, nomad like life urges even the innocents and unconcerned to take the brutal path. The negligence from the government and even “you and me” grooms up the anti- social elements, who have no empathy for their counterparts.

Well, whatever may be the reason, “terrorism” has threatened the entire human species and along with casualties and property loss it has jeopardized many other spheres.

Losses/ Impacts of terrorism 

What worries me the most is political instability in a country as an after effect. The administration, the government and the citizens enter into a conflict with each other, boosting up the old blame game. As a result, either the government dissolves or public demands are not met with properly.

Moreover, educational and financial loss cannot be sidelined. The money is not only spent on property and people, but the terror accused are housed in world class shelters, irrespective of the gravity of their crime. Ironically, trials continue for years and one fine day because of their deteriorating health the criminals file petition to be pardoned as in case of Bhullar, the prime accused of car bombings outside the parliament.

It also worsens the international relations and understanding between the two nations and in my perspective our mother earth falls prey to human grudges and wars.

Therefore, it can be easily inferred that terrorism today is a mammoth issue and is engulfing everybody.

Key solutions

Any major issue demands vigilance and support of every individual. So, I urge my fellow beings to complain against any suspected person or equipment at the nearest police station. Then, the power lies in the hand of the government.

So, the strict laws and rules should be made to counter respond to the daring but terror freaked people. Use of cctv cameras, new technologies and high end security measures be taken in the malls and crowded markets. A battalion or force to fight against terrorists be prepared to de-strengthen them.

Hype from media aggravates every issue. So the security work should be kept low key  to avoid loopholes as in case of the navy seals attack on Abbotabad.

And the foremost thing is to punish the accused on the spot and instantly, so that next time nobody dares or at least thinks thrice before playing with human lives.

Friends, let us promise ourselves today that we with the help of our government will remove those elements from the society who are a malign on humanity. Let us not nip the sinner but the sin from the roots as said by the Jesus. Thus, we need to raise our voice against anti human activities and certain asylums should be made to house deprived and the underprivileged to transform them from devil to human.

Love every human; love each creation of god,

He who is omnipresent, created tools to grow and nurture

But we made them weapons,

He taught us to love via different religions or mythological works,

But we ended up fighting and murdering fellow humans,

In the name of religion, hell and heaven.

Abha Goel