Terrorism – A major political issue in India

The deadly acts of terror in Mumbai have awakened the people like never before. Mumbaikers with their undying spirit did not let it affect their lives. Instead of sitting back at home, they carried protests to show their anger by shouting different slogans; Mumbai meri jaan, with speeches, sirens, our beloved national anthem, and lighting candles at the Gateway of India symbolizing unity and integrity in our being together today.


Watching the gory details on television, watching hundreds of people losing their lives, watching innocent children becoming orphaned, one wonders – is India safe anymore? Is this country safe to live in? The answer is ‘NO’! We wonder what has happened to the sugar coated promises of protecting us that Mumbai is the safest place to live in. And what do our leaders care about some poor north- Indians coming to Mumbai for earning their daily bread? Yes, this is what our leaders care about.


What happened to Raj Thackeray’s pledge and promise that this is my Mumbai, I will protect it and I offer full protection to the Marathis? Where are these people?


But this is what has happened and it’s high time our government realises its duty and does something for the people of India. How could some men just waltz into a world-class hotel? How could some armed men just come in right through the sea? Overlooking these facts would be a disgusting thing to do.


As of now, people are recovering from the aftermath of the ghastly attacks. Are the politicians and officials trying to fool us by saying we are safe. One after the other the terrorists have added to our fear and the only question that arises is ‘WHAT NEXT’? But now is not the time to play the blame game. We all need to fight for our rights and get united to fight together in this crucial time.


The ferocious cruelty and unprecedented nature of terror strikes has left the whole world gasping at the daring and meticulous planning of the operation. Is this terrorist a social activist? Do we ever realize why these terrorists at the gun point are not scared even after knowing about the fate of their lives? This is because they are prepared to face death, prepared to be sacrificed in the name of ‘GOD’. After killing so many innocent people can these terrorists ever belong to any religion? Religion for us means a big word – a word of great devotion and faith. For them killing people is their sacrifice which leads them to heaven. No religion preaches killing of innocent people. Most of these terrorists call themselves ‘Muslims’ but they are non-Islamic people and do not belong to any religion, caste or creed. These hypocrites believe they are doing social deed for their society for their upliftment. But in reality, after the terrorist attacks, they only succeed in spreading terror and horror in the hearts of people. Their core aim is to destroy harmony, peace and unity among people.


It was our finest commando force forming the elite NSG that pulled nations chestnuts out of fire on 26/11 that had engulfed Mumbai in India’s 9/11, as they have been doing all these years.


The nation was shocked when the financial capital of the country was attacked by a group of mercenaries or terrorists walking through the thick of the crowd as if they were strolling in a park. It looks so casual that a group of 10 terrorists disembarked from a motor boat near the Gateway of India in public glare, carrying huge arms and ammunitions in their bags, climbed the walls and walked out freely. They came out so casually and even talked to some locals saying that they were students, dispersing in groups of 2 or 3, going in different directions.


It is not about the severity or nature of the attacks but the way terrorism is being tackled in the country for a decade. This has also surprised with disbelief even the commandos who finally flushed out all the terrorists barring one who was caught. It bore the whole mark of Al Qaida type trained mercenaries, who were put through a long haul of rigorous training to launch a well orchestrated and well coordinated attack that has taken everyone by surprise. It was all over and the anti-terrorism squad did the rest. But the damage was colossal, much higher in terms of men and materials.


The biggest lesson the country has learnt from the mess created over sharing of intelligence and information between states and the central government. In the recent attacks our intelligence agencies were clueless; though belatedly claim to have passed on to the state for action, as it was a state subject.


Every citizen of this country should know his responsibility of keeping his street, mohalla, village, town and city free from any suspicious activities by forming a local vigilant committee and informing the police then and there. Hereafter, India should prove to the world that it is not a soft state but a state with a steely will of its people to tackle any eventuality on our own. This stern message should go out to the people and others. As Sri Ramana Maharishi said “the dead are free from bondage. Mourning is the chain forged by the mind to bind itself to the dead”.


Lee Wie Mein Jackson

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