Terrorism: A Festered Wound That Needs Global Attention


On March 22, the unwary city of Brussels was struck by a blow so vehement, it claimed 31 lives. The terror spasm had an unnerving resemblance to the one carried out in Paris. It rendered nearly 300 people injured, 61 critically. As the Belgian capital — that is also the home to the headquarters of European Union — was struggling to break free from the clutches of the cadaverous event, the ISIS made a sickening claim to the terror attack.

The world stood with Belgium, showed its solidarity and wept with the gallant Belgian investigative journalist Tintin. Every time bald-faced acts of violence try to slay the spirit of unanimity and peace, the world fearlessly steps forward to condemn them. And global citizens across the planet will continue to fight radicalism-in-the-name-of-religion-and-revenge.


Now, terrorism is a gangrenous wound that is fast-spreading and fatal. When Paris was attacked, the First and Second World countries were horror-struck. They sought answers – Why us? Why attack our peaceful cities? They raise the same question now, why Brussels? What the world straightaway needs to acknowledge, is the fact that terrorism is not a Third World problem anymore. Akin to cancerous cells that do not limit themselves to one part of the body, extremists have found a foothold in almost all countries and the world should stop living in denial.

Regardless of religion, economy, class and social standing, when innocent lives fall prey to this malevolence, the world must show solidarity. So while tweets come flooding and profile pictures change when the west faces extremism, why does the same not happen when countries in the east are attacked?

It is not a banal argument, but a valid one. How many times have we seen solidarity for countries like India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the like that are perpetually under threat? What do we think of the tens of thousands, who have become refugees, having been forced to flee their countries in search of humanitarian assistance? How many numbers will we need, before we realise that terrorism has become a global crisis and needs worldwide attention?

The need of the hour is an unbiased and unanimous attack on terrorism. The western media must exercise more diligence when reporting about it. It is tangible and very much existent. A terrorist does not differentiate between a man, a woman and a child. A terrorist will not seek your political views or ask you about your religion. They won’t care if you are a philanthropist, atheist or non-conformist.

The media, therefore, has to spearhead a campaign against these extremists who have no regard for human life. While the governments are doing their bit to fight this spite, the media must ensure that news is dissipated to even the farthest of corners, so that people are roused and made aware of the peril that is terrorism. This is a battle that the world must fight together, surpassing boundaries and racial dissimilarities.

Prerna Mittra

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