Tête-à-tête with Dr. Gopal Dev

Dr. Gopal Dev is a Grand Master in Reiki and Crystal Therapy. He runs the Universal Reiki Foundation in Gujarat. He has trained many students in his life and has made many Grand Masters too. Excerpts from the interview:


VP: What attracted you to the study of Reiki?


GD: In 1991, my friend Mr. Nanak Varlani explained me about Reiki. But, at that time, I had no interest. But in 1996, I had to face many physical, mental and social problems. Medicines, prayers and visiting astrologers, all went in vain. Then some of my friends suggested me to learn Reiki. Then I again met Nanakji and learnt First degree from him. After practicing for 21 days, I got relief from headache, B.P. and knee-pain. I continued with him and finished my second degree. Passing Reiki from a distance was a great and fulfilling experience. This gave me an inspiration to progress further in this field.


VP: How long did you study/practice prior to becoming a Master?


GD: I’ve served as an assistant to Nanakji from June 1997 to January 1998, till I became a Reiki Grand Master. Meanwhile, I had an opportunity to gain knowledge in Crystal Therapy and became Grand Master in that too. Due to continuous efforts and the good wishes of my students, I received a Gold Medal from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, Kolkata and Fellowship (FWSAM – USA) from the World Society of Alternative Medicines, USA, 1999. I also completed my M.D. (A.M.) in 2001 and was conferred Ph.D. in the subject in 2003 and D.Sc. in 2006.


VP: I’ve heard that one should learn Reiki from a person who belongs to the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui (the founder of Reiki). Do you belong to His lineage?


GD: I believe that one should learn Reiki from a person who is genuinely interested in you and not your money. Well, I do belong to the lineage of Dr. Mikao Usui. I stand 10th in his lineage.


VP: What do you look for in a student?


GD: I look for somebody who is committed to helping people heal and who is interested in the health and happiness of others and themselves on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels. I do not teach to people who want to earn money by doing treatments or who just want to feel special because they “can heal people”. It requires a dedication to keeping yourself centered and clear enough to be an open channel. Daily meditation and lots of self care are essential. You have to be reliable and responsible to the client.


VP: What is the average time taken to complete any level?


GD: This varies greatly depending on the particular branch of Reiki and the teacher. Some people teach all three levels of Reiki in one weekend while others like to spread it out over a couple of months. Many traditional teachers like to wait at least 21 days between levels but sometimes more. I teach second degree only to those who have practiced for at least 21 days and third degree to those who have practiced for at least 45 days (after completing the second degree).


VP: Where, when and in what position can Reiki be practiced?


GD: Reiki is unlike the other methods which require you to follow a schedule. Reiki can be practiced anytime, that is before or after eating, bathing or sleeping. Ladies can also learn and pass Reiki during their menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Reiki can help when symptoms of a problem first appear, when they are getting worse, or when they are at the very worst. It can even be used on a healthy person just to reduce stress and help the body maintain balance.


VP: Does Reiki blend well with modern medicine and other healing methods?


GD: Yes, Reiki blends wonderfully with other techniques. Reiki is not a replacement for modern medicine but a complimentary technique. It can be used with allopathy or homeopathy. Modern medicine helps prolong the life and relieve the symptoms while Reiki helps the body find balance and works at the very cause of an illness. Herbs and crystals can be charged with Reiki to add a little extra healing to a session. Reiki and massage also work together wonderfully. The possible uses of Reiki are innumerable.


VP: What is the effect of Reiki on memory power and self-confidence?


GD: While practicing Reiki, our mental and etheric bodies also develop. Hence the speed of thoughts reduces and the mind becomes free from negative and unwanted thoughts. So there is a reduction in loss of energy, which increases self-confidence and memory power.


VP: What is the best thing you like about Reiki?


GD: The thing I find most amazing about Reiki is its simplicity. There is no way to do harm with Reiki, so it is really one of the only therapies that is 100 % safe.


VP: Is it necessary to pay for Reiki treatment?


GD: When you go to a doctor and get yourself diagnosed, do you ever come out without paying (except s/he is your family member)? Similarly, Reiki should not be given for free otherwise it will have no value (because we are always carefree for anything free). It is not necessary to charge in the form of money only.


VP: Tell us about your successes?


GD: Yes, I have had a lot of success working with Reiki. I’ve successfully cured diseases like B.P., Diabetes, Thyroid, Cancer, Arthritis, Spondylitis and Cervical Diseases.


VP: What goals do you set for yourself as a healer?


GD: My first goal is to be of help to people. I want to see everyone healthy and happy. I am also very concerned about keeping fees at a reasonable level. These services should not be reserved for the well-to-do people only. I must earn a living as well, but I feel it is possible to do that without charging exorbitant amounts of money.


Compiled by
Ashish Chowdhary