That truth behind them lies

No exceptions in this case and even if there isrefutation, I won’t buy you even if I feign to do so. Each and everyone among us have been bound to lying, concealing something or doing something equivalent, although while attributing someone else as unreliable, we never sit and ponder upon how far we can call it a crime.

We all have been scared of getting caught and more terrified of discovering the truth about someone else.
So why then,do we lie? Why do we manipulate things that should be portrayed just the way they are? Well, we are human and no we don’t really err when we say or do something dishonest, we simply try to people-please because that is the unabridged deal of existence as we all want to feel accepted. We want to fit the bill and never be faced by dismissal.

No two human beings are known to have the same opinion or feel the same way. To suit someone else’s appetite, we mould our own truths so as not to be judged by the same. If someone trusts us with their beliefs, we would do what we can to uphold that image even if that means not being who we are. We tend to avoid conflicts and maintain that “everything’s-ok” stature in spite of enduring suffocation inside. And we would not come clean with that aspect as “no one would understand us” – the common complaint.

Society and relationships may form those certain restrictions that would forbid us from what is apparently labelled as “wrong”. But sometimes, don’t we just end up doing those things just because it seemed to be the rightest thing when done? So why regret? It was a heart’s desire we followed and now we call it a sin. Maybe that’s where the whole fascination for sinful pleasures evolved from!

Let us take an example of a relationship. Sometimes we need to breathe in a commitment and some people might even go overboard with the…err… breathing.
In such cases, one would necessarily be wary of hurting their partner and consequently end up presenting a picture much different from the fact. Of course we all know that the partner deserves the truth and we also are aware of the guilt brewing in the other.
But why tell the truth if one can fix things with a lie and subsequently stop a great fall? What if the revelation of that slight breather ruins it all? And hence the lies pile up, one after the other, brick after brick to form this impenetrable wall of deception that when tried to break would only bring about devastation of the mind, heart, soul and situation.

The fear of the case that I mentioned above often make people think twice before taking a wrong step; again the term “wrong” is relative. But then again, controlling a certain action is possible. But how far do we go to control those so called immoral thoughts that are well confined within the privacy of our minds? Aren’t we then contradicting ourselves to be deemed appropriate for the surroundings?There you go; hypocrisy at its best.

Well then maybe next time when we observe that someone isn’t being entirely honest, we could make an effort to unravel the actualintention behind the pretence and learn to justify the same, instead of throwing critical views. But then judging is again something we do; we are merely human after all. And well if you can live up to your heart’s true yearnings and longings without having to fabricate any of it, you are above us and you have my respect and by being my usual human self, I would thereby judge you as one hell of a great human being!

Dimitri Das

An ardent admirer of the dark-humoured game called life! Pretty much predicted by unpredictability, she hopes for the best and is always prepared for the worst. In other words, she would describe herself as an open book written in riddles. Read her if you can!