The ‘ Drab’ Factor: IPL-2

IPL is a big thing in India, both in terms of glamour and money involved. It has taken the game of cricket and entertainment to another level. Last year IPL squeezed all the viewers from the soap operas. Even women were not spared by this entertainment giant. It was the biggest success of last year in terms of entertainment quotient.


But the scene is different for IPL2. First of all IPL is no more Indian Premier League. It is now NRIPL i.e. Non-resident Indian Premier league. We had our leaders shouting from the rooftops that we as a country are not capable of providing security to biggest sports carnival. What message are we giving to the world about our security system? Are we telling the terrorist that their job has been well done? We are completely scared and that is why we are shifting the IPL to South Africa, which as a country is better equipped to provide security to our own cricket club. Are we planning to outsource our defense arrangements?!


I guess it would have been a better idea to give some other reason for shifting the IPL instead of opting for self proclamation of our helplessness. It’s almost like parents sending their child to other people for protection because they are not capable enough.


Many people would argue that elections are more important than IPL. But we all should know that there are elections taking place in South Africa too at the same time, even though many argue that it is just a ‘one day affair’ out there.


Add to this, TRPs of this season are also not very encouraging. Compared to last year they are disappointing. Though IPL chairman Lalit Modi is still optimistic, but the scene looks a bit dismal. Even though there are no bollywood releases this season because of the ongoing producer-multiplex owner tiff making the IPL a potentially attractive bonanza, we are witnessing quite a lax turnout- people are not as excited and thrilled about IPL2 as last year.


One of the reasons may be that IPL2 lacks the thrill present around an Indian audience. Had the matches been played at Kolkata, Mumbai or Delhi, the scene would have been different altogether. Another reason may be that many Australian and Pakistani players are not playing this time round, due to various reasons.


It’s a dull season not only for the audience but for the owners as well. Take the case of SRK. He seemed to be the most enthusiastic owner last season. Even after KKR did not perform well last season his enthusiasm was not dampened. But this year he seems to have almost given up. Same seems to be the case with Mr. Malaya. The King of ‘good times’ is hardly charismatic. The reasons may be that this year IPL started off with controversies starting with the rift with MSM (earlier Set, the official broadcasters) followed by the shift to South Africa.


We can just hope that IPL3 returns with a big bang and makes colossal profit for all the owners. We wish that it repeats the story of IPL season 1 in a grander way and we as an audience get to see it not only on our TV sets, but also in our own country.
Let IPL3 be IPL3 and not NRIPL3!


Rohit Jain

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