The ‘Occupy’ Movement

Occupy Wall Street was cleared out of Zuccotti park early Tuesday morning. While officers cleaned out Zuccotti Park, thousands of occupiers were blocked at Broadway and Pine. When police removed the barricade, The Other 99%’s video feed showed multiple sanitation trucks being loaded with belongings from the park. So many people where watching the stream that at one point a girl who was interviewed by the cameraman gave her Twitter address and she gained over 1,000 Twitter followers in under a minute. Around 5 a.m. EST, police began lining the streets blocking protestors from crossing Broadway and Pine.

Provocateurs at Broadway and Pine where caught deflating tires of NYPD police vehicles. The provocateurs at one point tried to force The Other 99%’s camera man, Tim, to shut his feed down. He reiterated that Occupy Wall Street is about transparency and he would not turn his camera off. OWS is not about violence or destruction of property and Tim was adamant about those points. Rumors flew at one point that the provocateurs where being paid or encouraged by police in order to find a reason to begin making arrests.

The occupation was displaced but refused to die early Tuesday morning. Even after the sanitation and police departments of New York City destroyed around $80,000 worth of donations. When officers began clearing out occupiers at Broadway and Pine, people began moving to Foley Square. Tim continued to move towards Foley Square even as rumors came in that police officers where making arrests at the location. As he got closer to the square, he spotted two NYPD choppers flying over what was closed airspace. No media was allowed to have choppers overhead Tuesday morning as officers moved in in riot gear.

The occupiers who were standing outside of Foley Park hosted a General Assembly to decide what to do next. The decision was made to stay at Foley Park but they had to wait outside the park until 6 am EST because Foley Park was closed. Even though rumors where flying that NYPD said Occupy Wall Street ends now, it seems the movement is only getting stronger and the occupiers will not be leaving anytime soon.

Natasha Puryear